Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yay! Disneyland!!

So this morning and kid 2 went off fishing. did not want to go at all, but kid 2 has been nagging him to take him. I decided that I too would blow off the super bowl and go off to Disneyland for a bit.

Since I have been really sick and not going out the battery of my newer car was completely dead, then I go to my older car and it too was about to die. (Is it just my beemers that do that or do all bmw's die if not driven frequently???) So I had to quick charge the battery in one of the cars for an hour before we left for Disneyland.

We finally got there shortly after 10am and we had a good time. All the holiday theme rides were back to normal which is a major plus. I really HATE the nightmare before christmas version of the haunted house. We went on plenty of rides and had a good time.

At around 4pm we decided to leave and we stopped off at the Brea Mall. We only went to a couple stores since they close early being that it's Sunday (I think we need to start a petition for them to stay open longer on Sundays. It's the weekend for gosh darn sakes!! I don't want to go to bed at six mr. mall man!!) I did come home with some cute Steve Madden platform sandals and a couple Kenneth Cole necklaces.

Once we were almost home I got talked into stopping at a pet store becuase Kid 1 wanted to buy himself a bird. We managed to walk in before they closed their doors and after many many minutes he finally picked one. By 7:30 we were home safe and sound and found and kid 2 watching tv.

Now it is off to get ready for bed and the start of a new busy week. I am just super glad my sickies is almost gone. YAY!!

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