Friday, February 12, 2010

Where can I find some baby uggs??

Well, I went out shopping for the cute outfit. I found the cute tops to layer, I found the cute denim shorts and sweater tights. I even still managed to find the beanie with the tassels. What I didn't find were the Uggs. I called around everywhere hoping to find some uggs for toddlers but not a pink one in stock. I was told that Target has some that are decent because they are made from real suede. So I rush to my targets and I found 1 pair. Only 1! Unfortunaly they were 1 size too small. I am so bummed. I also bought her a second little outfit of jeans, ruffle tank and a cute cropped jacket. Oh well, I came close.

I really liked the jeans I wore yesterday so on my way home I stopped off at forever 21 again. I bought two more pairs of jeans, three more skirts and a top. I was hoping to get a grey dress I left behind on Monday, but they were completly out in my size. I hate when that happens. I should have just gotten it on Monday.

Oh well.

Oh I wore these boots today and these ones made my feet hurt BAD. I don't get why. The ones I wore yesterday were comfy all day. Weird huh.

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