Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why does Forever 21 draw me in?

Yesterday I decided to go out and get myself a couple cheap skinny jeans. I went to Forever 21 for them. While there I found dozens of items that I liked. I was there for almost three hours browsing, and trying things on. Well I bought myself two pairs of jeans, along with 4 dresses, an awesome sweater, 7 skirts, a couple tops and a bracelet. I KNOW!! I went for jeans!! I ended up leaving several things at the register because it was quite excessive. I didn't even see the entire store. There is just so much to see as this store is huge! I had to leave because it was time to head back to pick the boys up from school. Otherwise I'd still prob be there right now.

One day I will see the store in it's entirety. I now have a mission.


  1. My first comment, yay! heh... I am obsessive with F21, seriously. I spend most of my money there, which is actually bad, because I should spend it on more quality. But I'm a sucker for quantity. :)


  2. I know what you mean. It's just that their stuff is so freakin cute that a girl can't help herself.
    : )


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