Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ever get such a blow?

I am in tears, non-stop tears. I never thought that I'd be crying for this reason. Ever. But here I am tonight in my room crying my eyes out and sniffling like a blubbering idiot.

I have come to find out why I was never told about any school functions or activities. Turns out my 15 year is completely embarrassed of me, his mother. He says kids say stuff about me because I am OLD and wear heels, plus whatever else he said because at that point I couldn't hear anymore as I was trying to catch my breath from such a blow. He acts like if I were in my 60's trying to dress like a 20 year old. I'm 35 dammit I know that's not young but it's not OLD either!! He says he's not embarrassed of me but he is because otherwise he wouldn't beg and plead for me not to go to his school performance. He would tell those assholes to suck it and not beg me not to attend his functions. I guess he wants me to dress in dirty sweats and flip flops like the other mothers do?

I don't know, but I never thought I'd feel as shitty as I feel right now, this moment. Never.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Wow, it's been SO LONG...

I can't believe that it's been so long since my last post. I have had pneumonia and several health set backs in these past months plus my life has been turned upside down in a way. There has been way to many changes in my life that I have felt all Topsy turvey and I am just now adjusting to it.

I have been staying home and my shopping has slowed down drastically. I still shop but I can no longer afford the luxury's that I used to. It makes me sad.

Mr. Man had a change at his company and he now works overnight which throws me off because when I get up to take the boys to school he gets home and takes the bedroom over to sleep and so I have to dress, do my make up and pretty much everything else downstairs. He then has to leave for work just before the boys get out of school (the boys get out at 4pm now) so he can go days without seeing them.

We have just had a bad year so far and I can't wait for it to go away. I am glad that there are only a few months left.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Am I the only one?


I saw this picture on The Chloe Conspiracy and I ached. I don't watch Mad Men so it's not because of that, but I LOVE the old glamour of the 40's-early 60's. I see pictures and movies of that era and I long for the hats, gloves and the slinky dresses. I also love that the men look so dapper and well groomed, a huge comparison to today. I myself won't walk out the door without doing my make-up or hair and well, dressed up. I am often teased because I am getting "dressed up" to go to the Home Depot. I'm sorry, but I just can't do it. I see people out and about in sweats (or PJ bottoms) and slippers and I wonder why they do so. Don't they care about their appearance or the image that they are presenting?

Slumming it, for me, is wearing jeans and a t-shirt. For example, on Sunday's to watch the game I wear jeans and my jersey but with heeled boots. I feel so "under dressed". Not for the locale or occasion but for myself. Mr.Man would love it if all I ever wore was jeans, t-shirts and Chucks or Vans. But I can't, it's just not me.

Oh well, it appears I was born in the wrong era.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Missing white lace tank with grey shawl neck pull over sweater.

It's been raining pretty much non-stop for days. I love the cold weather, just not the horrible rain. Squishy and I have been wanting to hit up Disneyland prior to x-mas to see the x-mas decorations there but this rain has ruined all our plans. No we cross our fingers that It stops raining after the New Year so we can go then before school re-starts on the 10th.

I've been shopping here and there around town but most of my shopping has been done online lately. I've added several pairs of shoes to my shoe room (a lot of them actually) and again I am full to the brim and will have to get rid of at least 30 pairs to make room for all my newer ones. I hate doing that as the last time I did it it was really hard as I wanted to keep them all. So either I will have to get creative in my storing or many pairs will have to go. Bummer.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Mexican stand-off

So Christmas is 11 days away. Where's our tree or decorations? Nicely stored in their storage boxes. I don't want to do it by myself, and quite frankly I don't want to put everything up by myself as I had for several years. Mr.man did it once (last year) and he thinks that was once too many and therefore he has told me he's not going to this year. So he wants me to do it and I want him to. So the decorations stay in storage.

UPDATE: I pulled out kid 2's california snowman and a few of our animated singing stuffed animals and a penquin pillow. Done. I guess that's the extent of our x-mas cheer this year.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I know it's time to but........

This Sunday again we went to watch the game with the "club" (feels funny saying that.hahaha). As we were leaving one of the older men from the group says to me "You never wear mommy boots." I reply with yes I do, I'm a mommy and the boots I wear every week are mine. So, mommy boots. Then Mr.man chimes in with "Sexy mommy".

Monday I decided to just go ahead and order the last color of the Dany heels I don't have. I am obsessed with Dany. Not only are they almost 6 inches high (5.8") but they are unbelievably comfortable. I can wear them for hours! I think that these have beat out all my Iman's. Iman used to be my go to shoe for events that I knew I'd be doing tons of walking or long periods of standing but now I can add Dany and Curly (for more casual events).

Yesterday I was asked if I had put my tree up yet. To which I of course replied "Nope". Why is is SO hard for me to decorate for Christmas? I guess we'll see when I finally break down and put it up. Anyways, why does it always have to be me to initiate the process? Why don't the men of the house do it??

Saturday, December 4, 2010

New shoes, Chuckies and delicious potato soup

I FINALLY slept in. Yup, it was well after 8am before I was awaken by a fighting cat and dog :|

Later that morning the mailman delivered the two pairs of Zola heels I was waiting for. YAY!! I love them, but they do not have leather soles like they were described on the site. Also the light gray is not that, it's taupe. Which is fine as it is still a nice color. As you recall I ordered the gray in size 7 and the black pair in 7.5 (since they were sold out in the 7). Well the 7's feel a bit tight and the 7.5's feel perfect. So either they run small or pointy shoes do as a whole. I really don't know.

In the afternoon I was talked into taking kid 2 and squishy to Chuckie Cheese's. We were there for a couple hours and the boys wanted to stay longer but there is only so long an adult can be there before they start going nuts.

By the time we got home it was nearly dinner time and I decided to make my MIL's potato soup. In this weather this soup hits the spot. It is a potato soup with diced green Anaheim chili (I cheat I buy the can of whole green chili and dice them. My MIL roasts, peels, rinses and then dices) which you saute with diced tomato and diced onion, garlic salt and chicken bouillon. Then you add cubed Monterrey cheese in your bowl and yum yum yum.

So now with a full and warm belly I am settling in to watch AMW.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's December? Really?

My goodness, only 23 days until Christmas. These days are just flying by, it's crazy.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I love the colder months (as long as rain is not involved) however every fall/winter my scalp tries to do me in. It gets super dry and the front of my scalp flakes like crazy. It is super embarrassing for as soon as I brush my hair the flakes appear. I have tried all the different dandruff shampoos but I guess since it isn't that it doesn't work.

So does anyone know a remedy that could help???


UPDATE: I was told to try Mayo. So desperate I grabbed my olive oil mayo by Kraft put some in a small bowl. I then stated making parts in my hair and slathered the mayo on my scalp. I let it sit in my hair for a couple hours. I smelled like macaroni salad and I couldn't wait to wash it all out.

Well it worked!! Several days later and all the flakes are gone. YAY!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Squishy's Blog

Squishy loves to draw and he decided to start up this blog. He REALLY wants followers and he asked me to spread the word. So even though this blog hardly gets read I am doing what he asked and "spreading the word".

Check it out at:

Random 1.o.1 ( I think it's a double meaning 101 and LOL)

So check it out and he would LOVE for you to follow him. Thanks :)

Lets get caught up shall we.

Sorry for my lack of posts. I have been either on my death bed (ie:sick) busy or just plain tired and Blah. I really need to make an effort to keep this blog alive.

Well this past week was Thanksgiving and again 100% of the work was on my shoulders. I did all the shopping, prepping, baking (store bought pies and desserts just won't do for my picky men) and all the cooking.

This year I got a bit more creative. Instead of trying to cook everything and time it just right so everything is done cooking at the same time I used my countless crock pots to help keep everything warm (I have 8 crock pots! Why I have so many?!?!?!). I cooked the sides as I normally would, then I tossed them into the crock pots and set them to warm. I cooked the ham in the large roaster again this year and that left my oven free and clear for the turkey. Then when the turkey was done and let it rest I made the gravy my normal way (drippings and apple juice. yum yum). All that was left was the rolls that needed warming up and wa-la! Much easier and less stress and everything was warm and delicious.

After we were all done eating it was time to store the leftovers and clean up. As soon as I said "Now it's time to clean" WHOOSH the boys disappeared and Mr.man pretended to be asleep. I'm not kidding! So again I did it all. I loaded the dishwasher, washed all the crock pots, roaster and other non dish washer safe items by hand, cleaned all the counters etc. As soon as I was done and I sat down on the couch Mr.man "awakens" and says: I don't know why turkey makes people sleepy. I reply with: Whatever, I'm not sleepy. That whole Turkey puts you to sleep is a bunch of crock. I then got up and served myself a slice of cheesecake.


Afterwards I went online and saw an e-mail from Nine West announcing their door buster sale. I had received it early in the morning and it was now 7pm. I was excited to see the ZOLA pumps I had been wanting for a while for only $44.50 from their original price of $150. I was sad to see they had every size except for 7 in black. I ended up ordering it in the gray size 7 and in the black size 7.5. I have my fingers crossed that they don't run big. I really wish I'd checked it out early in the morning and I am sure I would have found them both in the size 7. Oh well.

I stayed home on Black Friday and tried to sleep in. That didn't happen but I still just bummed around the house.

Sat. I went out only because I had to fix something at the bank. I was charged a fee that I wasn't supposed to so I had to go in person and duke it out. They apologized and fixed it right away and I ever even had to put up my dukes. Mr.man and Kid 2 went up to the mountains for some fishing that morning. I was invited but fortunately I had the whole bank issue to resolve so I didn't have to join them. Those two are crazy, it was in the 30's up there and they stayed all day!

When I got home I ordered another pair of Jessica Simpsons Dany heels. I already have them in Black and Tan and last week the gray pair arrived. Now they have them on sale for $69.99 so I went ahead and ordered them in the purple plum velvet. I still am not a fan of the crackled silver so I refrained from ordering those as well.

Sunday we went to our usual football hangout pizza place with the Packers Club. (Yes I'm in a football club now. We used to be in it 9 years ago but we recently re-joined) We watched the Packers lose and that set the mood for the rest of the day.

Today the boys are back to school after a whole week off. They were not too happy but they know that in a few weeks their three week x-mas break begins. So they have something to look forward to.

Well I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Thanks to my anemia and immune system (or better said, lack of an immune system)I have been sick sick sick. In the past week I've been to the dr 3 times and still have one more appointment for Tuesday.

I did however do plenty of online shopping. What else is a girl to do stuck at home pretty much 24/7? I finally bought something from ASOS (okay, four somethings) and I can't wait for their arrival. There's still a few more items I am craving from their site however funds have pretty much dwindled for my personal spending (ie. shoes, shoes, jewelry and um... did I mention shoes?)thanks to this time of year due to tons of family b-days and x-mas shopping. Oh well.

Well I am off to bed. Night night.

Necklace: Baker's
Boots: Frye

Monday, November 1, 2010

The day after.....

As we all know last night was Halloween. This year I dressed up as a 50's bobby soxer. I have had that costume in my costume boxes (yes, boxes.)for some time now but every year I would skip over it. I finally decided this was the year to wear it.

Kid 1 dressed up as a 50's greaser, Kid 2 as Waldo from where's Waldo and Squishy wanted to be a banana. Yup, a banana.

We went all out the way we do every year and again I could hear the laughing, the screams and the little ones crying that they don't want to complete the long walk to my door.

Every year I get the dozens of grown teenagers that should have stopped trick or treating many years past. It really upsets me because this is a kids holiday and they are there "stealing" the little ones candy. My older boys were told by us that they were now too old to go out for candy and they instead took squishy out to do so.
I don't get it, I feel that if they are old enough to have a girlfriend, a job or a drivers license you have no business trick or treating.

But that wasn't the worst part. I had four grown WOMEN hit my door up trick or treating. WTF??? The first woman came up with her kid and after I gave her kid candy she shoves another bag in my face. I figure she probably has a scared young one at the sidewalk. They leave and I watch them walk over to the neighbors house, no other kid anywhere to be seen. Later again I get another woman come up with her kids and she too shoves a bag towards me. I put a candy in there and say, the other kid was too scared to come up? She says no this is for me. I know I gave her a disapproving look.

Later I had huge bunches come up and in between there there were two older women (seriously, late forties early fifties even) in costume. Again, WTF? Ugh.

This year we had several cops drive through our neighborhood through out the night. I think they were here because for some reason our neighborhood gets "visitors" from other areas. We get dozens of cars park on our street. It gets crazy and I'll open my door to 20+ people at a time sometimes.

I bought tons of candy and this year I ran out of candy at 8pm! (I was giving the little ones 3 pieces and the old ones 1 piece.) Mr man wanted to know if he should go out and get more candy but I told him no, were done this year. I had the boys quickly put all the decor back into the garage and we turned off the lights. Even so we still got door bell rings but we just ignored them.

I hope I don't start hating Halloween.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Back from a good weekend.

New shoes, a Packers win against the Vikes, a trip to DL and I got to meet one of the best guitar players in history : )

Sat. we went to DL to celebrate kid 2's b-day. It was a wonderful day to have gone. Perfect weather for a trip to DL, cloudy skys and cool with only a bit of light drizzle here and there. Thanks to that weather the park was nearly empty. We got on all of our favorite rides and by 11 am we'd done it all (and on some rides we even got on twice!) We decided to eat lunch and afterwards we decided to get on the Indy ride one more time. As we were about to get onto the jeeps the ride broke down. So there we were for about 15-20 minutes standing there. They finally decided to evacuate the building and as a peace offering they gave us a fastpass for any ride in the park for up to 6 people.

We decided to head over to CA Adventure and use the pass there. By that time the sun had come out and the crowds were arriving by droves. We ended up using our pass to get on Tower of terror. After that ride and a couple others we were headed towards the silly swings when I spot someone who looked familiar. I tell kid 2, "That guy looks familiar, he looks like Slash." Kid 2 is a HUGE and I do mean HUGE fan of his and he tells me "No, that guy is too dark." I assure him it has to be him.

Curiosity got to him and he took off to find him. He comes back beyond excited and screams "It is him!" He told me he went up to him and asked him if he was Slash and that Slash then chuckled and showed him his tattoos. Kid 2 was disappointed he didn't have a camera with him when he spoke to Slash to have taken a pic with him. So he begged me to go with him and ask Slash for a picture.

We left kid 1 and squishy at the swings and we waited at the exit of the ride he was on. When he came out we asked him for the photograph and he was awesome enough to agree to take a pick with the bday boy. Kid 2 was on cloud 9 for the rest of the day (and he still hasn't come down!!). After a few more rides it was now 4pm and we decided to head home.

Well not HOME, but shopping.I bought two pairs of gorgeous sky high pumps (my specialty)and a gorgeous coat.

Sunday night we went to the Packers club meeting place and watch the nail biting, edge of your seat, I am going bald from pulling my hair out Packers/Vikings game. Last year I was cheering for the Vikes, however after Bretts last stunt I have woken up and again given my whole heart to the Pack. After a miracle, the Packers won and all was well.

So that was my weekend. I hope this next weekend is just as fun. We have a Halloween party to attend on Sat. I love this holiday! Candy and costumes, YAY!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Time just seems to fly by

A lot has happened since my last post but I guess the most significant is that my health is worse, not better. I had new tests done last week and I just got the results today. My illness seems to be taking a huge toll on my health which is what probably has brought on this "funk" I have been in now for a LONG time.

So I will have to try to do everything they tell me to do to get healthier (pills pills and more pills. Yuck)and get back to my old self.

I just hope I don't balloon up a million pounds again :(

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Running errands for others

Why is it that Mr.man always "lends" me out to others to run their errands? Does he think that I am at home sitting on the couch twiddling my thumbs thinking "Oh how I wish Mr.man would call me and ask me to run around town getting information on rentals for his co-worker".

And me being me, I went out and did that for him. hmmff.

Earlier in the day I fixed my dishwasher. That stupid dishwasher has been giving me problems for months. Finally today I took that darn thing apart and found the problem, fixed it and put it back together and wha-la, fixed!

Now, after dinner is done, I can relax. I think I've earned it.

Shoes: Marni

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm am really tired of this.

I'm in a funk. A serious funk. I have no clue why I feel this way. It's not a sickie, it's just a I don't feel like doing anything, everything sucks kind of funk. Even shopping is ho-hum. It takes a lot out of me to get dressed and my outfits lack creativity.

This weekend was no different. Yesterday I could have stayed in bed all day, but I had to drop a package off at the post office so I got up to so. However as soon as I got back home I crawled back in bed and watched movies off of Netflix.

Today I slept in until 11am and I got up and ready to go to the local pizza place for the Packers game. I wanted to just watch it at home, but Mr.man wanted to go there because the Packers fan club meets there and he wants to be a part of it again. It was fun, and I am glad I went.

Now at home I am again ready for bed. I hope I get out of this self inflicted funk soon because I can't stand myself right now.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

I still got sunburned

This Labor Day weekend we went to Mission Beach in San Diego. It was cold and grey but being that the weather was like that the beach wasn't crowded. It was lovely. We kept ourselves busy with the shops and with the beach itself.

Mr.man and the boys actually got in the 50 degree water and used their boogie boards. I was a chicken but and didn't get in the water. Every time they got out of the water I would point out their purple fingers, toes and lips. But they didn't care, they were having too much fun.

We saw dolphins and other sea creatures up close. It was a really nice mini-vacation.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I must be Soupa strong : )

Yesterday I decided to wash some dishes by hand. While washing a tall glass I broke it. Not the "oops it slipped" kind of breaking the glass but the "my hand was inside the glass washing it and it broke" kind. I was twisting my wrist washing the inside and "crack!" it breaks, stabbing me in two places. My hand and the sink got all red with my gushing blood. I quickly grabbed some paper towels and they would be soaked in a matter of seconds.

My boys were freaking out and they were running around like chickens with their heads cut off collecting gauze and cloth tape so I could wrap my hand.

After they wrapped my hand (and I looked as if I were a boxer) they relaxed. A couple hours later I figured it was okay to take it off and let the wounds air dry. Big mistake! Blood started gushing again. I decided to wrap it again and just go to Urgent Care. Turns out they were a bit deep so in went some stitches.

Serves me right and I have learned my lesson. I need to leave the dish washing to the machine.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

THESE are my new favorite shoes!

They are called Curly and are by Aldo. I ordered my usual size up as Aldo shoes tend to run small. I am really glad I ordered these.

Comfortable, comfortable, comfortable! No joke. These are one of the pairs that arrived Thursday. I wore them out for the first time Sat and was on my feet for hours on end walking all over the place. I slipped them on at 10am and took them off at 9pm. My feet felt fine ALL day.

Since then I have already worn them another two days! Yesterday I wore a different pair of shoes. I already had on a different pair today also but at last minute I went and changed back into these.

**Next subject**

These past few days I have been having really bad pelvic pains, chills and just plain madness going on. Mr.man dragged me to the Dr. and turns out I have am infection (great :/ ). I was prescribed some sort of antibiotics and for some odd reason they make me very very sleepy. I am a wuss when it comes to pills. It seems any and every prescription makes me want to sleep 72 hours straight. Blah.

What makes it worse is Mr.man wants to drag me here and there going to home improvement stores and hardware stores which in turn make me even more drowsy.

I just can't wait until his vacation is over so I can have a few hours to myself. 24/7 with Mr.man gets maddening after a few days. I just have to get through another week and a half.

*plops to floor in despair*

The only thing that keeps me going is the UPS man will be dropping off a little something for me today.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Not ready for this.

The weather has just been screwy. Super hot day, with horrible thunderstorms. Yesterday we got off easy but today.... Not so lucky.

They fixed my garage door today and he finished about 20 minutes before I had to leave to pick my boys up from their school. I looked up and saw that the clouds were becoming grey and black and ran off and closed the sunroof and windows of my older car.

I then jumped in my newer car and went on my way. As soon as I started driving the rain drops started falling. Huge rain drops but they were few and far between. By the time I reached the boys school the rain started coming down hard. On top of that there was a violent wind going on. It was a scary site not only hearing the horrible rain and wind but the thunder and lightning was loud and sounded like it was really close.

I get a call from the boys saying that they were not being released until they saw a parents vehicle. So I had to turn around and drive into the schools parking lot. While doing so a branch flew in my path and missed me by inches. While waiting for the boys to reach my car the hail started. At first it was just regular sized hail. However as soon as the boys were safe in my car the golf balls started falling. The sound of the hail hitting my car was terrifying and I thought that for certain my windows were going to shatter. I start driving home and the main street I take was completely flooded. I try detours and they too are flooded. I don't want to get stuck and stranded in high rising waters and try my best to find a safe way home.

When I finally make it through and get to my neighborhood the golf balls are still falling. Fortunately they were a bit slushy so my car didn't get damaged. I drove into my garage as the door was rising and as soon as I cleared it I closed the door behind me.

That weather lasted for about an hour straight. It was horrible.

I am just glad its over and we are all okay and my cars are okay as well.

I received three packages today containing four pairs of shoes. Oh how I love getting new shoes :) They make a girl happy and make everything all better.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I can't wait until this week is over.

Monday, My car gets trapped in garage.
Tuesday, 112* Uh, need I say more?
Wednesday, 113* humid, thunderstorms and upstairs A/C decides to not want to work. And in the morning I discovered that someone had helped them selves to my hands free blue tooth kit in my older car. Thank you lovely neighbors. Thank you.

The ONLY good things to look forward to?

Thursday, I am expecting three deliveries. Yay!

Friday, Game show taping.

Sat., Farmer's market for some more sun dried tomato tapenade and yummy pita chips.

What else???? Ah yes the best of all, no four day trip with the evil shoe thieves. I am glad I was able to talk Mr.man out of this trip. I think that that many days together would result in my snapping and committing murder and ending up on that one show "snapped".

No outfit pics since it's been yucky hot I haven't been wearing "real" clothes. Just loose fitting jersey dresses I got at F21 2yrs ago or so. Snore.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My car is being held hostage

Last night mr.man comes into the house and says, The garage door is broken. I ask him what happened and as it turns out the torsion springs broke. Joy.

So now my car is trapped in the garage. Good times. Good times :/

Sunday, August 22, 2010

It was hot but it was fun

Yesterday was sister 2's baby shower. It was Luau themed and the guests were all too wear Hawaiian wear. I found an old Hawaiian dress in my closet and I set out to find Mr.man a Hawaiian shirt. None were to be found. Anywhere. So I ended up getting him some Hawaiian print swimming trunks. I just had the boys wear shorts and flip flops.

They had the party at my bil's brothers house. He has a gorgeous grotto like pool that is to be envied. That is my dream pool and had I let Mr.man put the pool in when we first bought the house four years ago I could have had one too. But now... We have to wait.

It was terribly hot and as soon as we got there I found the best table with the most shade and sat there. I sat there and I didn't want to move. People kept asking me to come over here or over there and I would graciously decline. No one was going to get me in that awful sun.

There was SO MUCH FOOD! They had a whole roast pig, Kabobs and they had their usual 30+ item Filipino buffet. I was hoping for Pancit but no one made it this time. The kabobs were delicious and the dessert table..... well lets just say I have probably gained 10lbs just from that.

Her sister in laws are wonderfully creative and the decorated the party marvelously. The center pieces, the buffet tables, the dessert tables were gorgeous. I should have taken pictures.

I didn't bother buying my sister a gift and instead just wrote her a check. I know it's kind of tacky, but I figured 1)she's my sis, 2)this way she could use it on anything and the best reason of all 3) it was one of my hello kitty checks so all's good : )

We all had a good time (even my boy's as they enjoyed the pool the entire evening)and I got to come home with ton's of souvenirs and gifts.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

A fun weekend and an odd Monday

This weekend was fun as Sat I spent it shopping (and came home with lots of Fall goodies) and on Sunday we went bowling and out to dinner. I had a good time both days with no complaints (other than the awful heat).

This morning started off alright. Today was the first day of school and though the boys pretended to complain I could tell they were excited to go back. Later in the morning I went to pick up my mail. After I closed my mail box I hear a small voice say "Hey, you! That's my mail box" I turn around and see a small 4 or 5 yr old and a 2 or 3 yr old in their front yard across the street from the mail box. They both say "hey you that's my mail box" a couple times (the younger of the two mimicking his older brother)as I walk away not responding to them. Then I hear "Hey you That's our mailbox you bastard" and the little one repeats the sentence. I turn around and say "What did you say? Did you just call me a bastard? I am telling your mother!" I start walking back towards their house. The older of the two says,"I was saying it to the other person" I look around and there is no one else out. I tell him "there is no one else out here and you shouldn't be saying that word. Ever." He goes and hides behind his family vehicle and the younger one follows suit. I decide to let it drop and I go home. I can not believe the mouths on these kinder. Who are they learning this vocabulary from? Geesh.

After I picked the older two up from school (squishy gets out at 2:30 and since kid 1 and 2 are in high school they get out at 3:30) I took them out for an early dinner. It was shortly after 4 when we arrived at the restaurant. They told me about all the new changes to the school rules and curriculum and about their teachers.

I had been waiting for a package and Mr.UPS man finally arrived at 7:40. He again didn't ring the doorbell and at 8:00 I checked the door and there my package was. My jaw dropped to the floor with it's condition. The box looked like an accordion, it was so beat up. I open it up and the shoe boxes too are all mangled. I don't get it. How can they be so freakin careless? GRRR....

Oh well, what can I do?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Turn off the ringer........

So what is it with those "bill collectors" that they don't believe a person that they have a WRONG NUMBER. They believe they know it all and therefore know more than you, the person who owns the phone number. I tell them, No, sorry there is NO Edgar Martinez at this number. They say, well this is the number in our system. I then say, Well it's wrong as the is no Edgar at this number, never was and never will be as I have never even met an Edgar in my life. I then hang up. Yet they call every HALF HOUR. They call, and call and call. F it. I turn off my ringers. We never use the land line anyways and everyone calls us on our cell phones. They have been calling on a blocked number so I can't figure out where they are calling from nor can I report them to anyone.


This afternoon was the boys orientation. The longest waste of time. We had to sit through two hours of blah blah blah (all stuff we already knew) and then they finally gave everyone their schedules. As soon as schedules were in hands we rushed home to watch Project Runway. So I'll see you later : )

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back at home : )

"Home Sweet Home" is the saying right? Oh how true it is. We came home a few days early because we had a few things to take care of. My oldest had to get outpatient surgery on his big toes today. Plus on Thursday we have to go to the boys school and pick up their new schedules.

I can't believe summer vacation is pretty much over. It seems to have flown by but yet it hasn't gone by fast enough. They say this is the coolest summer we have had. Granted we have only had about a week of over 100 degree days versus the normal 4 months. I however can't wait for fall. I miss my tights. I know, weird.

Well I am all unpacked and now I have tons of laundry to do, so Later :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My weekend

The Happy couple

My Dad and Aunt

Sat was my aunt's wedding. It was nice and I had a good time. My Mom did not, but I did my best to ignore her. My grandfather passed away in 1991 so my dad was asked to dance the father daughter dance with my aunt. It was a sad but sweet dance.

Sun we spent the day in the high desert at my in laws house. I thought we were only going to be there for a couple hours but it turned into an all day thing. I was glad when we were finally home as ,like always, conversations turn into discussions which then turn into arguments. I stay out of it and just let Mr.man and his mom and sometimes his grandma get into it. How is that normal?

Monday I bummed around in my PJ's until 2pm and I planned to spend the day like that but I needed to go out and buy a couple things so I finally gave in and dressed.

Tuesday I received three packages! Oh happy day!

As our vacation is getting closer I am stressing out trying to figure out what to do with our pets. I have hired our neighbors kids to feed the four outdoor dogs, but what am I going to do with the cat and my indoor dog? I really don't want to give the boys full access to my home while we are gone, I don't want to put them into boarding and we can't take them with us. Oh my gosh, I forgot about the fish, turtles, snake and the bird. What are we going to do????

I have three days to figure this all out. Help!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Half the world was there.

Like I had mentioned before, on Thursday we went to Disneyland. We wanted to go last week but the weather was horrible. Thursday the high was of 79/80 and we decided to head out there and spend a nice day having fun.

Well I guess everyone had the same idea as the place was terribly crowded. Every ride had 60 minute + wait times and trying to walk was an incredibly hard task. After only three hours we gave up. I told the boys not to worry as the off season would soon be here and our short wait times would return.

I really didn't want to go home so we went for a bit of shopping. Well I had said I was going to go for a bit of "browsing" but it ended up being a bit of shopping. Hehehe.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Getting ready

I have several things coming up. I have a wedding to attend this Sat. On the 30th I am taking my neighbors 11 year old to Disneyland. On the 31st I have a quincenera for Mr.mans cousin plus Mr.mans half sister is probably coming that weekend. Then on the 2nd we are going on a two week vacation. Then the last week of August we are off to Vegas. Let's not forget Oceanside on Labor day.

We have bought our new suitcases, gotten our hair done/cut and bought new clothes. We also bought an above ground pool Sunday a few hours after Mr.man came home. The boys are super tan from swimming these past few days and are almost as dark as their dad now. Tomorrow we are off to DL as the temps have dropped quite a bit.

I have been busy busy busy and I can't wait until it is all over. However, I will have fun through it all.

Sorry my posts have been kind of few and far between lately. As soon as everything calms down I will return to my normal routine.

: )

Saturday, July 17, 2010

This heat is awful.

Everyday this week the temps have been over 106 degrees. It's humid and gross and the air just feels thick and difficult to breathe. I haven't really wanted to go out at all but today I had to. The boys are on their last three weeks of summer vacation and I need to start getting them ready for school. Squishy has been bugging me to go get him his new school shirts. He doesn't want to wear the official school t-shirts he wants to wear the polo shirts(they are letting the kids wear plain solid color polo shirts if they do not wish to wear the official t-shirts). We went to our small local mall and he came home with ten new shirts. He got one in every color available in his size. He still needs his new jeans and a pair of shoes and the older two still need everything. These last three weeks will fly by, I know it. I really should get everything done by the end of next week since we might be heading off for a two week vacation starting Aug. 2nd.

I received two packages today (yay fed-ex and USPS who deliver on Sat.) so now I have three new additions to my shoeroom. Wednesday I will be receiving four more pairs and another pair will be arriving around that day as well. Woo-hoo! have shoes to look forward to : )

Dress: Dolce&Gabbana
Necklace: F21
Belt: Target
Shoes: BEBE