Monday, August 16, 2010

A fun weekend and an odd Monday

This weekend was fun as Sat I spent it shopping (and came home with lots of Fall goodies) and on Sunday we went bowling and out to dinner. I had a good time both days with no complaints (other than the awful heat).

This morning started off alright. Today was the first day of school and though the boys pretended to complain I could tell they were excited to go back. Later in the morning I went to pick up my mail. After I closed my mail box I hear a small voice say "Hey, you! That's my mail box" I turn around and see a small 4 or 5 yr old and a 2 or 3 yr old in their front yard across the street from the mail box. They both say "hey you that's my mail box" a couple times (the younger of the two mimicking his older brother)as I walk away not responding to them. Then I hear "Hey you That's our mailbox you bastard" and the little one repeats the sentence. I turn around and say "What did you say? Did you just call me a bastard? I am telling your mother!" I start walking back towards their house. The older of the two says,"I was saying it to the other person" I look around and there is no one else out. I tell him "there is no one else out here and you shouldn't be saying that word. Ever." He goes and hides behind his family vehicle and the younger one follows suit. I decide to let it drop and I go home. I can not believe the mouths on these kinder. Who are they learning this vocabulary from? Geesh.

After I picked the older two up from school (squishy gets out at 2:30 and since kid 1 and 2 are in high school they get out at 3:30) I took them out for an early dinner. It was shortly after 4 when we arrived at the restaurant. They told me about all the new changes to the school rules and curriculum and about their teachers.

I had been waiting for a package and Mr.UPS man finally arrived at 7:40. He again didn't ring the doorbell and at 8:00 I checked the door and there my package was. My jaw dropped to the floor with it's condition. The box looked like an accordion, it was so beat up. I open it up and the shoe boxes too are all mangled. I don't get it. How can they be so freakin careless? GRRR....

Oh well, what can I do?

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