Thursday, August 12, 2010

Turn off the ringer........

So what is it with those "bill collectors" that they don't believe a person that they have a WRONG NUMBER. They believe they know it all and therefore know more than you, the person who owns the phone number. I tell them, No, sorry there is NO Edgar Martinez at this number. They say, well this is the number in our system. I then say, Well it's wrong as the is no Edgar at this number, never was and never will be as I have never even met an Edgar in my life. I then hang up. Yet they call every HALF HOUR. They call, and call and call. F it. I turn off my ringers. We never use the land line anyways and everyone calls us on our cell phones. They have been calling on a blocked number so I can't figure out where they are calling from nor can I report them to anyone.


This afternoon was the boys orientation. The longest waste of time. We had to sit through two hours of blah blah blah (all stuff we already knew) and then they finally gave everyone their schedules. As soon as schedules were in hands we rushed home to watch Project Runway. So I'll see you later : )

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