Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I can't wait until this week is over.

Monday, My car gets trapped in garage.
Tuesday, 112* Uh, need I say more?
Wednesday, 113* humid, thunderstorms and upstairs A/C decides to not want to work. And in the morning I discovered that someone had helped them selves to my hands free blue tooth kit in my older car. Thank you lovely neighbors. Thank you.

The ONLY good things to look forward to?

Thursday, I am expecting three deliveries. Yay!

Friday, Game show taping.

Sat., Farmer's market for some more sun dried tomato tapenade and yummy pita chips.

What else???? Ah yes the best of all, no four day trip with the evil shoe thieves. I am glad I was able to talk out of this trip. I think that that many days together would result in my snapping and committing murder and ending up on that one show "snapped".

No outfit pics since it's been yucky hot I haven't been wearing "real" clothes. Just loose fitting jersey dresses I got at F21 2yrs ago or so. Snore.

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