Sunday, August 22, 2010

It was hot but it was fun

Yesterday was sister 2's baby shower. It was Luau themed and the guests were all too wear Hawaiian wear. I found an old Hawaiian dress in my closet and I set out to find a Hawaiian shirt. None were to be found. Anywhere. So I ended up getting him some Hawaiian print swimming trunks. I just had the boys wear shorts and flip flops.

They had the party at my bil's brothers house. He has a gorgeous grotto like pool that is to be envied. That is my dream pool and had I let put the pool in when we first bought the house four years ago I could have had one too. But now... We have to wait.

It was terribly hot and as soon as we got there I found the best table with the most shade and sat there. I sat there and I didn't want to move. People kept asking me to come over here or over there and I would graciously decline. No one was going to get me in that awful sun.

There was SO MUCH FOOD! They had a whole roast pig, Kabobs and they had their usual 30+ item Filipino buffet. I was hoping for Pancit but no one made it this time. The kabobs were delicious and the dessert table..... well lets just say I have probably gained 10lbs just from that.

Her sister in laws are wonderfully creative and the decorated the party marvelously. The center pieces, the buffet tables, the dessert tables were gorgeous. I should have taken pictures.

I didn't bother buying my sister a gift and instead just wrote her a check. I know it's kind of tacky, but I figured 1)she's my sis, 2)this way she could use it on anything and the best reason of all 3) it was one of my hello kitty checks so all's good : )

We all had a good time (even my boy's as they enjoyed the pool the entire evening)and I got to come home with ton's of souvenirs and gifts.

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