Friday, January 29, 2010

A way to pass the time.....

In between coughing my lungs out and blowing my nose I decided to alter an old pair of Bebe shoes that I don't wear because they kept slipping off my feet. They are the Reid sandal. They are an interesting shoe being all tie dye and ruched. But they are also not secure on the foot. They would slip off with every step. So after wearing them for about 30 minutes I took them off and forgot about them.

While going through my shoe room a short time ago I re found them and started racking my brain on how to make them stay put. I gave up and again put them out of my mind. Then the other day I was going through my belts and I found an old metallic pale gold skinny belt that matched perfectly with the gold on the Reid heels. So I grabbed my scissors and my super glue and got to work. So now the front of the sandal has a new look. I tested them out and guess what! They don't slip off anymore. So I will now give them a second chance.

What do you think of the result?

I am so tired...

So last night was just horrible. My cough got a million times worse as the night progressed. Nothing would subdue the cough. ran off and bought me a variety of cough drops and they helped somewhat (I had two or three in my mouth at the same time!)but then later I had a horrible toothache. It hurt so bad! I ended up taking quite a bit of painkillers just to get the couple hours of sleep that I got. SO when left for work he told me to try to get some sleep. I can't though. I try but then I worry I'll fall asleep for too long and my boys will be stranded at school. They all have cells, not not a one ever carries it with them. I tell them I am just going to disconnect them all, what's the point.

I received my new shoes from Baker's. I am in love, like always. I am kinda bummed that one pair is not leather. I always think leather shoes just look better, but the style and design of these shoes make the fact that they their synthetic not a big deal.

Today I am wearing some wide leg trouser pants, a white long sleeve ruffle top (I have no clue where I got this top. It still had the tags on and I can't remember when I bought this or if it was a gift????) and the white Hannah wedges from Bebe.

My squishee is on his 5th grade field trip to Knott's. I am completely heartbroken that I am not there with him. This is his first field trip without me. He doesn't seem to care, but me, I am not liking it one bit. I can't wait until he gets home at 6pm.

Today is really not a good day huh.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

So today.....

So, yesterday on his way home from work was in an accident. He was traveling on the freeway going roughly 70mph (the speed limit is 70mph on this stretch of freeway) when a big rig lost it tread and that tread flew towards Mr.mans path. tried to avoid it but he over corrected (my guess, he says he actually hit the tread it that was what flung him)and he ended up hitting the center divider. well the car didn't look to bad and he changed his tire and managed to make it home. So all I saw was a scratched mirror, scratch near the wheel well and the front rim was completely bent warped and damaged and the rear rim was all scratched. I took it for a short drive and there was a thump thump feeling as the car rolled forward. So today we took it to the repair shop and it turns out the suspension was totally trashed. There was over $2000 worth of damage done on it. Ridiculous. So after we dropped the car off we went to pick up the rental and got stuck with a town car. likes it but I think its a grand pappy car. Whatever, he's the one driving it, not me. One thing though, it has a HUGE trunk!! HUGE!!!!! Good for those shopping trips right?

So today was nice, sunny and dry so I decided to wear the BEBE Hannahs in gold for the first time. I wore them all day, standing ans walking for most of the day and you know what?? My feet don't hurt! So I can definitely say these are super comfy. When I first started out they were a bit slippery with the soles being all slick gold, but as I kept walking the slipperiness went away. I am really glad I got these in all three colors. YAY!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Well I feel a bit better now.

I woke up this morning feeling less crappy. My nose is still all red, sore (a vision of loveliness) and stuffy. But at least every movement I make doesn't completely wipe me out.

So today was a completely uneventful day. I went to the bank, took kids to and from school and that's it. TA DA.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Now that I got the mean out of me...

So today, what did I do? I got all dressed up because today was the day I was finally going to Samuel's Jewlers to get the rodium redone on my ring. Plus I needed stamps and I needed to go to the bank. However after I was done getting dressed I was completely out of energy that all those plans flew out the window. I decided all that can wait an extra day and crawled back into bed. Shortly thereafter the doorbell rang and it was my package from Kohl's. I opened that up and all looked good then again back into bed I went. As soon as I got home from picking the boys up from school the UPS driver was pulling away. So after I pulled into the garage I ran around to the front door and grabbed my package from BEBE's. That little sprint took every last ounce of energy in me but I am a happy girl.

It's only 4pm but I am going to make a quick dinner, kiss my boys goodnight and rush off to bed. I trully hope I feel better tomorrow as I will be babysitting.


Okay, I know it's mean, but really......

So there I am parked on the corner of the street waiting for my kids to get out of school. I always arrive about 30 minutes before the bell rings to make sure I get a spot to park at since they are really limited. Anyways, I'm there, I'm sick and I am just wishing time would move on quicker so I can get home. About five or so minutes prior to the bell ringing this woman in this older Mercedes pops a u then backs up in front of me leaving less than a foot of distance bumper to bumper. Now, remember, I was parked at the corner. This idiot was sticking out partially into the intersection thru the crosswalk!! There were a couple drivers that thought she was trying to make a right turn and kept trying to give her a chance to do so. One in a van even honked at her. She had absolutely no intentions of moving. Now what topped it all off is not only her vanity plates, but see that white sticker in her rear window? It says "I'm not bad... I just drive that way." OMG really?? Some people.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm sicky.

Oh wow. Last night before bed I gave in and took some Nyquil. It took me a while to fall asleep and had he tv volume up all the way (at least it seemed like that to me). Well I finally got up and out of bed at 2pm. I was awaken a few times during the morning but I would always fall back asleep within seconds. I am still not fully awake but here I am on the couch waiting for kick off on the vikes and saints game. I really hope my Vikes win but I have this deep deep deep sinking feeling that the Saints will win it. I really hope I am wrong.

I hope brings home some pizza when he gets home from fishing. Domino's for me. Yup yup. I like Domino's. Is good. I like pizza Hut as well but I don't like their pizza Mia pizzas. Way too much sauce on those. ugh.

Okay national anthems being sung, so time for me to go.

*update* Well my Vikes lost just as I thought. *Sadness* But at least did bring home some Domino's Pizza. Yum yum.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Oh what a beautiful rain free day!

As I was walking back to my house from getting the mail I looked up and what I saw was amazing! Don't the clouds look fake? All big and fluffy and white. And the sky, was so blue!! What you can't see (thank you iphone for no zoom) is the white snow covered mountains. I love love love the view from my house.

So today I am not feeling well, my throat is sore and I am beginning to feel a cold coming on. So I am eating oranges like crazy to try to minimize it. We'll see what happens.

So I decided to just stay home all day as and Kid 2 went to the local bait and tackle store to go ogle the fishing rods and reels. I swear my mom's right, maybe kid 2 is an old man. Hee hee. No offense to old men out there ; )

Friday, January 22, 2010

It's still raining!! Day 6

It's day 6 of this depressing rain. I can't believe how this rain is affecting my mood. So much so that today I didn't even make a big effort to get dressed. I pulled on some old levis, a black long sleeve shirt, a pullover hooded sweatshirt and some imitation uggs (I can't see myself paying close to $200 on the real deal since they are not, you know, high heels). I pulled my hair back into a plain ponytail and only wore eyeshadow. Done. ugh!!

I even went out like that to the grocery store. If it weren't that we were out of lots of items I would have never even gone out. I came home with my feet drenched and my pant legs wet. The whole area was flooded. I would have been better off heading to the store in a wave runner rather than my car. I am just glad my street doesn't flood.

So I decided to cheer myself up and buy some shoes. I bought two pairs and now I feel slightly better. I just hope that there's finally no rain tomorrow.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I am soooooo sick of this rain.

So the rain is going on non-stop. Just constant annoying rain. I had no choice but to wear my wellies again. I am not happy.

So today I found the last and final color of the Hannah wedge that I was looking for. On Sunday I purchased the Gold and Black pairs in Brea. Today I decided to call the Fashion Island (Newport Beach) store to see if maybe they had it. And yup, they did. I was super happy. I love that store. Whenever I can't find a specific shoe in my size in any of my so called Local stores I have always been able to find them there. I just buy them over the phone and they ship them to me via UPS.

I am so ready for spring!! I normally don't care for wedges and don't even give them a second look, but the height on these just made me fall in love. I think what I love the most (other than they make me super tall) is they make my feet look small.

Well off I go back to building my ark. Later!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why do you try to scare me?

The Evening news, the morning news and even the midday news (I leave the TV on Fox all day for my Pixie girl, she likes the TV) have been warning of this super powerful storm heading our way dropping many inches of rain. It started sprinkling at 2:30pm or so. Umm, were's this terrible rain you've been warning me of? So far this rain that's been falling was not terrifying. As a matter of fact, as I type this, the rain has stopped. It appears as you just wanted to scare me. Bad mr weatherman, BAD!!

What crazy weather we had Tuesday.

Geesh, I thought I lived in So Cal, with year round sun and perfect weather right. However, yesterday it was wind, rain, snow, tornados, hail. Uh, yeah. The morning was beautiful and I thought I would wear my Jessica Simpson granny boots, but around noon all the crazy weather started. So I changed into some old Evan Picone wellie like boots. Perfect for walking through flooded streets while keeping your footsies completely dry. All is well.

Tmz had a story of Heidi Montag. OMG she made herself look 10 years older! She doesn't look 23, she looks my age now. What an idiot. She looks ridiculous.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Why is he such a dork? (plus AT&T sucks big time)

Well this was my Sunday. and Kid 2 went fishing so the two other boys and I went shopping. I wanted the new wedge from BEBE and I found it at the Brea Mall. So I asked them to hold them for me and we made the long drive. About 10 minutes into my drive called and asked if I were still home. I said no, I'm already on my way. He told me he couldn't find his phone and figured he'd left it at home. I told him sorry, but I didn't see it and anyways I was already long gone.

Several hours later he called again asking me if I had possibly taken his phone with me by mistake. I said Nope. There's no way for me to confuse his phone for mine. Uh, hello, my phone's pink and his is black. So when I get home I decide to help him look. I kept calling it with no answer. I go online and check the phones usage. That's when we figure out it was stolen. Someone was accessing the Internet with the phone several times during the day.

So I call and make a report with the police and I call At&t. I now understand the whole gripe with AT&T's customer service. They are not helpful nor do they even try to help the customer retrieve a stolen phone. With all the technology and GPS and all how is it that they can't even make an effort to locate a stolen phone. The Internet was accessed for gosh darn sakes. They don't give a damn. They just kept saying well you're eligible for an upgrade. Like that's a good thing. I have had them for over 10 years! At&t then Cingular and back to At&t. They don't give a damn. They know that they have got you by the balls since they are the only ones with the iPhone. I am so disgusted with them right now. Verizon (from what I hear) doesn't activate any phones that have been reported stolen. At&t, doesn't give a damn. I asked them about that and they said it wasn't company policy and I asked him Why? He goes it's not company policy. I then asked them if they can give me the serial number of the phone so I can relay to the PD because my brilliant hubby had thrown his box away so we didn't have it. They said no, they don't have that information. I really don't know how they could not.

So AT&T SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now on Monday here we go and buy a brand new Iphone for I tell him he needs to move away from Apple products because they don't mesh. All his Ipods have been stolen (always out of his vehicle mind you. Hint to LOCK YOUR DOORS AND DON"T LEAVE YOUR STUFF IN YOUR CAR!! See problem solved) and now his Iphone. He asked me if I wanted a new one too, since this time he was getting the 3gs version and we had (now only I have) the Original 16g 2g version. I said nah, I'll wait. My phone's still okay. So he said he'd get it for me on my b-day in March. Whatever. So when he's paying for the phone I see that the taxes were $55. I asked why is the taxes so high when the phone was $199? She goes, we tax the full amount of the phone ($599). I told her oh my god you guys are such freakin theives. She goes no it's the goverment. I just rolled my eyes at her. I'm sorry, but whenever I purchase things with a discount or coupons they never charge me taxes for the list price. So you know what, she's full of shit. Which again made me think, AT&T you are freakin assholes and you suck!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Do you miss me?

Ah, quite some time has passed without a single entry. I have been kinda busy. I've been shopping and I have finally almost finished going through my closet. I still need all my jeans to go through. I'm not going to bother with the handbags or coats. I was quite shocked actually while going through the dresses. I found, and I am kind of embarrassed, 206 Brand new, with tags, dresses! I was finding dresses that I had completely forgotten about. I know I had tons of brand new tops and skirts but not as many as the dresses. So I have been wearing a new dress everyday. Wow. I pulled a lot more clothing out and in my garage I have bag upon bag full of clothing. I guess I am going to have to force myself to drop these of to the thrift store soon. is not to happy with all that stuff in the garage.

Maybe next week.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Well it guess it was out with the old... In with the new.

So....on Monday I pulled 152 pieces of clothing out of my closet. I had said that on Tuesday I was going to continue with the rest of my closet. However, I got side tracked and never got to it. On Wednesday I went shopping and I brought home 14 pieces. I know, I was supposed to be weeding out my closet, not feeding it. However those were nice dresses and skirts and I really like them. I also bought a nice ring.

Today I ordered myself a couple pair of boots. They look really nice online but I am curious on how they look in person. I hope I like them, because I don't feel like driving over an hour to return them.

Tomorrow morning is game one of the soccer tournament. So the traveling begins. We are going to have to get up super early. Joy....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oh my goodness I still have a long way to go.....

With it being the new year I decided to go into my upstairs closet and well, weed it out. I pulled out alot of stuff and made the big mistake of trying on everything that I was cosidering getting rid of. Why? Because almost everything went right back to my closet. Well not Everything. I did pull out 152 pieces of clothing. Now, that was only from a fifth of the closet. I still have A LOT more to go. I don't get it though, I got rid of Over 150 items but that part of the closet is still packed!! It's as if I never even removed anything. I will continue on tommorow. Maybe I'll get alot more done then. As soon as I'm done, I will make a trip to the thrift store. I wish I could keep it all, but other than building my self another 350 sq ft closet ( won't agree to that I am sure being that I not only have that huge closet but also a large bedroom being used as my shoe room) so I HAVE to say bye bye to alot of great things. *sadness*

Monday, January 4, 2010

Yay! The UPS man finally showed up!

So FINALLY my packages arrived. Finally.

I was upstairs near my bathroom window when I saw the truck pull up. I ran down the stairs and down my yard and met the driver before he even got out of his truck. He handed me my packages and I ran back inside. I opened my packages and was happy.

So now I am still waiting for one more package to arrive Tuesday or Wednesday.


Sunday at Disneyland

This Sunday we again headed for Disneyland. I didn't really want to go so I didn't bother to get up early. I woke up 15 minutes after it had opened. I woke up and told squishy We woke up too late, thinking he'd be like okay and go back to sleep. However, when I said we woke up too late he goes, Oh no, let me get ready and he dashed off to brush his teeth. Ugh, So I went to kid 2 and woke him up to ask if he wanted to go. He too jumped up and got ready. That left me to get ready as well and by 8:40 we were in my car and on the rode.

We got there just before 10am. IT WAS CROWDED!! Ridiculously crowded. So much so that when I got our parking pass they gave us paper stating that it would be crowded.
So we went on a few rides. And I mean a FEW rides. We went on Indians Jones, The pirates ride, Big thunder mountain. That's it. It was awful. We did find a nice quiet semi hidden spot to eat our lunch and relax away from the crowds. So we ate, and sat there for a long time. All of a sudden our quiet spot got crowded and we decided to just go to Downtown Disney. We walked the shops and after that we headed to California Disney. It too was super crowded so we went and saw the blue sky area and saw the plans and models of all the new stuff that they are building there. We then went and saw the Bug's life show. By then my head was hurting so bad that we left. By 4:15 we were out of the Parking structure.

I was so glad to be home.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

So today......

So this morning I decided to go back to target. I decided to go ahead and get a belt I'd seen the day previous. It is a zebra belt. I am a sucker for animal prints.

After that we hit the local skate stores in town because all three boys wanted new shoes. They kept finding shoes they liked but they never happened to have them in their sizes. Finally after hitting them all, all three boys went home with new shoes. I can not believe how big all of thier feet are. I call them big foots but they tell me that compared to their classmates they have small feet. They are just growing so fast (and yet not fast enough. Hello future shoe room part two, purse room, and coat rooms. Yup yup). **Sighs from dream land**

So now I am contemplating going to Disneyland tomorrow. I just wonder if it's still going to be crowded from the holiday visitors. I guess if I wake up in the mood to go we will, if not. Then my booty is staying home.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Oh Rodarte for Target, why do you elude me?

I have been wanting to check out the Rodarte line at Target for the past ten days. Actually since I first saw the line in magazines over the summer. I have not been fortunate enough to have seen the whole collection in person though. I went the day of the release but they hadn't put it out yet. By the time I went back they had sold out completely. They had nothing!

Now today I went back to Target for a few things and I decided to check the clothing out and there mixed in with some Merona dresses I find the one and only Rodarte dress in the entire store. It was the black lace halter dress. It was a couple sizes bigger than I wanted but I figured I'd get it anyways, I'm sure I can take it in a it with my handy dandy sewing machine. I am still on the search for the grey leopard sequin dress. There are several on eBay but I don't feel like giving those scalpers my moola. I HATE when they do that. It's like when the Wii came out and scalpers had several dozens of them but the stores were bare. I waited thank you very much.

So now I wait and cross my fingers.