Monday, January 4, 2010

Sunday at Disneyland

This Sunday we again headed for Disneyland. I didn't really want to go so I didn't bother to get up early. I woke up 15 minutes after it had opened. I woke up and told squishy We woke up too late, thinking he'd be like okay and go back to sleep. However, when I said we woke up too late he goes, Oh no, let me get ready and he dashed off to brush his teeth. Ugh, So I went to kid 2 and woke him up to ask if he wanted to go. He too jumped up and got ready. That left me to get ready as well and by 8:40 we were in my car and on the rode.

We got there just before 10am. IT WAS CROWDED!! Ridiculously crowded. So much so that when I got our parking pass they gave us paper stating that it would be crowded.
So we went on a few rides. And I mean a FEW rides. We went on Indians Jones, The pirates ride, Big thunder mountain. That's it. It was awful. We did find a nice quiet semi hidden spot to eat our lunch and relax away from the crowds. So we ate, and sat there for a long time. All of a sudden our quiet spot got crowded and we decided to just go to Downtown Disney. We walked the shops and after that we headed to California Disney. It too was super crowded so we went and saw the blue sky area and saw the plans and models of all the new stuff that they are building there. We then went and saw the Bug's life show. By then my head was hurting so bad that we left. By 4:15 we were out of the Parking structure.

I was so glad to be home.

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