Saturday, January 2, 2010

So today......

So this morning I decided to go back to target. I decided to go ahead and get a belt I'd seen the day previous. It is a zebra belt. I am a sucker for animal prints.

After that we hit the local skate stores in town because all three boys wanted new shoes. They kept finding shoes they liked but they never happened to have them in their sizes. Finally after hitting them all, all three boys went home with new shoes. I can not believe how big all of thier feet are. I call them big foots but they tell me that compared to their classmates they have small feet. They are just growing so fast (and yet not fast enough. Hello future shoe room part two, purse room, and coat rooms. Yup yup). **Sighs from dream land**

So now I am contemplating going to Disneyland tomorrow. I just wonder if it's still going to be crowded from the holiday visitors. I guess if I wake up in the mood to go we will, if not. Then my booty is staying home.

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