Thursday, January 28, 2010

So today.....

So, yesterday on his way home from work was in an accident. He was traveling on the freeway going roughly 70mph (the speed limit is 70mph on this stretch of freeway) when a big rig lost it tread and that tread flew towards Mr.mans path. tried to avoid it but he over corrected (my guess, he says he actually hit the tread it that was what flung him)and he ended up hitting the center divider. well the car didn't look to bad and he changed his tire and managed to make it home. So all I saw was a scratched mirror, scratch near the wheel well and the front rim was completely bent warped and damaged and the rear rim was all scratched. I took it for a short drive and there was a thump thump feeling as the car rolled forward. So today we took it to the repair shop and it turns out the suspension was totally trashed. There was over $2000 worth of damage done on it. Ridiculous. So after we dropped the car off we went to pick up the rental and got stuck with a town car. likes it but I think its a grand pappy car. Whatever, he's the one driving it, not me. One thing though, it has a HUGE trunk!! HUGE!!!!! Good for those shopping trips right?

So today was nice, sunny and dry so I decided to wear the BEBE Hannahs in gold for the first time. I wore them all day, standing ans walking for most of the day and you know what?? My feet don't hurt! So I can definitely say these are super comfy. When I first started out they were a bit slippery with the soles being all slick gold, but as I kept walking the slipperiness went away. I am really glad I got these in all three colors. YAY!!

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