Friday, January 8, 2010

Well it guess it was out with the old... In with the new.

So....on Monday I pulled 152 pieces of clothing out of my closet. I had said that on Tuesday I was going to continue with the rest of my closet. However, I got side tracked and never got to it. On Wednesday I went shopping and I brought home 14 pieces. I know, I was supposed to be weeding out my closet, not feeding it. However those were nice dresses and skirts and I really like them. I also bought a nice ring.

Today I ordered myself a couple pair of boots. They look really nice online but I am curious on how they look in person. I hope I like them, because I don't feel like driving over an hour to return them.

Tomorrow morning is game one of the soccer tournament. So the traveling begins. We are going to have to get up super early. Joy....

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