Thursday, January 21, 2010

I am soooooo sick of this rain.

So the rain is going on non-stop. Just constant annoying rain. I had no choice but to wear my wellies again. I am not happy.

So today I found the last and final color of the Hannah wedge that I was looking for. On Sunday I purchased the Gold and Black pairs in Brea. Today I decided to call the Fashion Island (Newport Beach) store to see if maybe they had it. And yup, they did. I was super happy. I love that store. Whenever I can't find a specific shoe in my size in any of my so called Local stores I have always been able to find them there. I just buy them over the phone and they ship them to me via UPS.

I am so ready for spring!! I normally don't care for wedges and don't even give them a second look, but the height on these just made me fall in love. I think what I love the most (other than they make me super tall) is they make my feet look small.

Well off I go back to building my ark. Later!!

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