Monday, January 18, 2010

Why is he such a dork? (plus AT&T sucks big time)

Well this was my Sunday. and Kid 2 went fishing so the two other boys and I went shopping. I wanted the new wedge from BEBE and I found it at the Brea Mall. So I asked them to hold them for me and we made the long drive. About 10 minutes into my drive called and asked if I were still home. I said no, I'm already on my way. He told me he couldn't find his phone and figured he'd left it at home. I told him sorry, but I didn't see it and anyways I was already long gone.

Several hours later he called again asking me if I had possibly taken his phone with me by mistake. I said Nope. There's no way for me to confuse his phone for mine. Uh, hello, my phone's pink and his is black. So when I get home I decide to help him look. I kept calling it with no answer. I go online and check the phones usage. That's when we figure out it was stolen. Someone was accessing the Internet with the phone several times during the day.

So I call and make a report with the police and I call At&t. I now understand the whole gripe with AT&T's customer service. They are not helpful nor do they even try to help the customer retrieve a stolen phone. With all the technology and GPS and all how is it that they can't even make an effort to locate a stolen phone. The Internet was accessed for gosh darn sakes. They don't give a damn. They just kept saying well you're eligible for an upgrade. Like that's a good thing. I have had them for over 10 years! At&t then Cingular and back to At&t. They don't give a damn. They know that they have got you by the balls since they are the only ones with the iPhone. I am so disgusted with them right now. Verizon (from what I hear) doesn't activate any phones that have been reported stolen. At&t, doesn't give a damn. I asked them about that and they said it wasn't company policy and I asked him Why? He goes it's not company policy. I then asked them if they can give me the serial number of the phone so I can relay to the PD because my brilliant hubby had thrown his box away so we didn't have it. They said no, they don't have that information. I really don't know how they could not.

So AT&T SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now on Monday here we go and buy a brand new Iphone for I tell him he needs to move away from Apple products because they don't mesh. All his Ipods have been stolen (always out of his vehicle mind you. Hint to LOCK YOUR DOORS AND DON"T LEAVE YOUR STUFF IN YOUR CAR!! See problem solved) and now his Iphone. He asked me if I wanted a new one too, since this time he was getting the 3gs version and we had (now only I have) the Original 16g 2g version. I said nah, I'll wait. My phone's still okay. So he said he'd get it for me on my b-day in March. Whatever. So when he's paying for the phone I see that the taxes were $55. I asked why is the taxes so high when the phone was $199? She goes, we tax the full amount of the phone ($599). I told her oh my god you guys are such freakin theives. She goes no it's the goverment. I just rolled my eyes at her. I'm sorry, but whenever I purchase things with a discount or coupons they never charge me taxes for the list price. So you know what, she's full of shit. Which again made me think, AT&T you are freakin assholes and you suck!!!!!!!!!!

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