Friday, January 29, 2010

I am so tired...

So last night was just horrible. My cough got a million times worse as the night progressed. Nothing would subdue the cough. ran off and bought me a variety of cough drops and they helped somewhat (I had two or three in my mouth at the same time!)but then later I had a horrible toothache. It hurt so bad! I ended up taking quite a bit of painkillers just to get the couple hours of sleep that I got. SO when left for work he told me to try to get some sleep. I can't though. I try but then I worry I'll fall asleep for too long and my boys will be stranded at school. They all have cells, not not a one ever carries it with them. I tell them I am just going to disconnect them all, what's the point.

I received my new shoes from Baker's. I am in love, like always. I am kinda bummed that one pair is not leather. I always think leather shoes just look better, but the style and design of these shoes make the fact that they their synthetic not a big deal.

Today I am wearing some wide leg trouser pants, a white long sleeve ruffle top (I have no clue where I got this top. It still had the tags on and I can't remember when I bought this or if it was a gift????) and the white Hannah wedges from Bebe.

My squishee is on his 5th grade field trip to Knott's. I am completely heartbroken that I am not there with him. This is his first field trip without me. He doesn't seem to care, but me, I am not liking it one bit. I can't wait until he gets home at 6pm.

Today is really not a good day huh.

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