Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good-bye 2009 and Hello 2010

Well, I am all ready feeling all warm and fuzzy and I decided to type my last 2009 post.

Squishy altered his new years hat to make it a little more "him". I wore my old tiara that I pull out every year on New years eve and on my birthday when I go to Disneyland. I'm such a dork, I know.

Well anyways, Happy New Year!!

Do I Dare???

A couple months back (okay maybe not that long ago, maybe it was a month) I found a dress which I just couldn't pass up at a local thrift store. At $3.20 (60% off day) it looked like a fun dress to own. Not to ever wear, but to own. When I bought it the super friendly sales clerk said I should wear it for New Years. Like I said before, I think the dress is kinda cool in an 80's kinda way, but to wear it??

Now, it is new years eve and we are staying home alone. No party's, no visitors, just the five of us hear safe at home (for some reason New Years scares me). So squishy asked me if I was going to wear my new years dress. Uhh, no I tell him. He asks me why and I say because it would be embarrassing. He just tells me no ones coming and we can all dress up and have fun. Now, do I dare to? I guess it'll depend on how shnockered I am as the night progresses. Mmm, medori and malibu rum. Yay.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How dare you UPS man, REALLY, HOW DARE YOU!

SO..... I was supposed to receive three packages today.
1. Two pairs of Kensie tights via USPS
2. Two pairs of shoes from ALDO via UPS
3. Two pairs of shoes from via UPS

So which ones did I receive? Number 1. That's it!! I check my tracking numbers for my ups shipments and WHAT??? They have both been rescheduled! One for Jan 4th and the second for Jan 5th!! I won't get them until NEXT YEAR!! I'm bummed.

Well today was an odd rainy day. There was no rain in the forecast but yet ALL day it's been a constant thick curtain of drizzle. I spent today at chuck e cheese's and the grocery stores. So nothing exciting today.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A nothing Tuesday.

So today I wore the Rhapsody dress I bought yesterday for a whopping $7.49! It is quite a lovely dress. It won't last long I believe but for $7.49 I really don't care. I wore it with My Forever21 Allure booties.

So last night I ordered a couple booties from It was their last sale day. If I had bought them on Friday or Sat I would have saved a bit more. On those days it was 30% off. I received 25% off last night. I ordered booties again. OMG why do I always do that. I get in a rut and I buy the same things all the time. However, these are quite similar to the Christian Louboutin Nitoinimoi Bandage Ankle Boots. Which are SOLD OUT. So these will make a nice cheap substitute. However these are imitation suede instead of leather but hey, I also was able to get them in red. Woo-hoo!

A few hours ago I got an e-mail saying that ups would be delivering them tomorrow. I hope it's true. Last time I ordered I received them the very next day. Normal shipping too.

So today all we did was go to the park. The boys caused havoc with their ripsticks and scooters. I then took on the huge task of making "chile rellenos" Or stuffed peppers. They are a complicated meal that have an acquired taste. It wasn't until 3 or so years ago that I actually started liking them. If they aren't spicy : ). The roasting, the peeling, the gutting, the stuffing and the egg batter and finally the frying. Ow my stinging fingers. This batch was super spicy so I am not going to eat them. All that work making those 10 peppers and I won't be enjoying them. Bummer. So I am hungry and will probably eat a hot dog. Joy.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Oh, kids with money drive mommy crazy.

Well the boys scored alot of cash yesterday with my family. So what did they want to do today? Spend it! So early in the morning they woke up and begged me to take them shopping. I told them to wait until 10am because the game stores don't open until then.

Right at 10am we pile into my car and off we go. After 10 hours (okay it was just one but oh my gawd it felt like 10) Kid 1 buys himself a limited edition 360 controller. Kid 2 then wants to go to the local bait and tackle store and he spent every last penny of his $100 on fishing stuff.

Squishy then wanted to go to walmart and Target to look around. He bought even more Lego's and many other little knick knack and candy. After the boys were broke I went on to do some grocery shopping. We came home, unloaded the car and Kid 1 and Kid 2 stayed home while squishy and I went to browse the thrift stores. Squishy found even more knick knacks and spent a whole .95 cents. Next we moved on to Ross. I browsed and I actually found three nice dresses. So I was quite happy. Then I got in the mile long line and then, not so much. However when all three dresses came out to under $23 I was again a happy girl. For one of those dresses was a $174 Calvin Klein dress. I already own it in black and yup it was $174 now I got it in brown as well thanks to Ross. Yipee. At $6.99 clearance I am almost certain it was mispriced but SCORE!!

After Ross I had to go to staples to exchange a memory stick I had purchased. When I stick it in my camera it would read error. After what was the easiest exchange ever we went back home. By then it was time for kid 1's soccer practice.

If it hadn't been for the dresses it would have been the worst shopping day EVER!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

My head hurts. I wonder why.

Today I went down to visit my family. I was out there for 6 hours and I am just glad to finally be home. First I stopped off at My parents house. Only my dad was home. My mom was out with my sister 2. Shortly thereafter they arrived. Gifts were exchanged, blah blah. We then had to go to the store to return a ripstick my mom got kid 2 because kid 2 already had one. So she returned it and just gave kid 2 the cash. We walked around the store and checked out the after Christmas sale. I was looking for a star but I didn't find one. I did find a cute bug eyed penguin pillow though. Squishy bought Lego's with some of his Christmas money. After what felt forever we went back to my parents house. I was then asked if I'd seen sister 3 new house yet. I hadn't so sister 2 took me to sister 3's house. I gave it a quick looksy and then we all headed back to my parents house. My dad made some short ribs and we had dinner. After we ate it was now 5pm and dark so I decided to go home. Sister 1 never showed up like she had said she would. So at 5:15 Sister 2 and I went to our homes and sister 3 stayed at my parents. I am tired, I have a horrible headache and I just want to go to sleep.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

An incredibly boring Sat.

So a boring day it was. Yup, yup. Just stayed home and did, well, nothing. Ugh.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas! Or is it happy holidays??

Merry Christmas!! By now everything has wound down and is over. Presents have been opened, stockings have been ravaged and meals have been eaten. I probably have gained so much weight with yesterday and today. Ugh...

What is about to begin is the cleaning. Oh how I wish I could just throw everything away and not deal with it. But nope, all of those dishes need to be washed. Pots, pans, baking dishes. Sadness. I hinted around for some help, but it's like magic. They have all disapearred and have not even come down to see if I'm alive. Again, sadness.

I was hoping to possibly tomorrow get in on some of that day after christmas sales. I will not be able to though. I was just asked to watch the neighbors kids tomorrow. I now that they depend on me, so I of course agreed to do so. Maybe it's a good thing, the crowds are going to be brutal tomorrow. Sunday I need to go down to visit my family so maybe I'll put in some shopping either before or after my visit.

Well I'm off to guilt trip a kid to help me clean.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


So today I am wearing a lovely blue backless sequin dress, regular tights (I figured patterns would be a bit much with the sequins) and my Maxx booties.

So I did a bit more baking today. Then later I was surprised by a friend who dropped off the largest apple pie I had ever seen.

Tonight I am making a ham. Tomorrow I am baking a turkey. We got invited to a neighbors house but I really don't feel like it. I prefer just staying home and doing our own thing. The boys want to go because they say that they are bored, but I tell them they'll be even more bored over there. They only have small children so they wouldn't have too great a time.

I tell them MAYBE I'll let them open their gifts at midnight. They aparently can't wait until morning. Kids.....

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wow! Post 100!!!

So this is my hundredth post. Yippee! Hoorah!

Okay enough celebration. Let me see, what did I do today? Well, was off today so we again went shopping for the last gifts. I only joined him for the in town shopping because I again was watching the neighbors kids. They had a golf tournament mid day so that gave me a few hours to be able to join Later he dropped me off at home so I could wait for the neighbors kids. Their instructor was going to drop them off at my house. and kid 2 then headed off to Pro bass shop to purchase a new pole for kid 2. I wrapped more presents. I baked cookies and banana nut bread. I made dinner. I took kid 1 to practice (yes, they won the other day and so their season is ongoing).

UPS driver dropped a package off for me. I received the three pairs I ordered yesterday. Super quick delivery for once from I was quite pleasantly surprised. I love all three pairs!

That is all the exciting things for my 100th post!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More shopping and almost ready.

So today I wore a grey go international ruffle dress, black tights and my new Castaway booties from Forever 21.

Well I didn't find those PJ's I was looking for. I might have to order it online. Hopefully I find them in his size (fingers crossed) I bought most of the items for our Holiday meal. I also got lots of baking products as I will be baking for the next two days. Fun times.

I think I'm done. Yay.

So last night I found Squishy asleep at the foot of the tree. It warmed my heart. It was just so cute. He's my last baby. My older two never do "cute" things anymore. So sad.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Some shopping today.

Well by 9am I was out and about doing some x-mas shopping. I got most of the stocking stuffers and most of my kids gifts. Got my neighbor and her kids gifts and I got the other neighbors their usual wine and popcorn tins. I even got my self a few things. Yay!

I got my self those lace booties. They are quite cute. They are a creme color with the black lace overlay. I also got myself another pair of booties. These are black with a couple of vertical zippers on the sides. I don't know what it is with me and booties right now. I got them at Forever21. So quality is not the best but aren't these just the cutest boots?

Tomorrow I will have to continue my shopping. I will have to take the neighbors kids with me but its okay they are usually well behaved. I need to call some Targets tomorrow to try to find some PJ's Kid 2 wants. He's 13 but he wants a blanket sleeper pajama!! They have or better said had some black ones with skulls. They no longer have his size. All they had were small and xsmall. He needs a large. I'd even get him some XL. They'll last my shorty longer. Hmm, he's not necessarily short he's just bony. He wears 14slim jeans and they are still baggy. I bought him skinny jeans. Baggy. Yet he wears 8/10 tops. Long skinny arms. I tell him if he were a girl he's be modeling right now. He just laughs. And calls kid 1 a girl. Kid 1 used to model when he was much younger. However he grew tired of the on site teachers. Now after puberty hit him I doubt he'll ever do that again.

Anyways off track.....

So more shopping tomorrow. Yay. The stores weren't bad today, so hopefully they'll be the same tomorrow.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Why don't I like Christmas?

I don't know why. I hate Christmas. I hate putting up the tree, I hate decorating, I just plain hate it. I'm not a scrooge I think. I just hate having to pull everything out, moving things around blah blah blah. Every year I wait until the last possible minute to put everything up and as soon as x-mas passes quickly put everything away. It is just an awful feeling. I don't feel comfortable with everything "out of place". I know it probably has to do with the mild ocd I have. I hate when things are not in their place and it really disturbs my mood. So I hate it. I also hate the whole obligated to buy everyone I've ever crossed paths with presents. It is just stress and pressure I really don't need. I am not good at buying presents for others when I am forced to. I get a mental block and can't decide or even think straight. So, I hate Christmas. I hate the whole season. Yup. I hate it.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A DIY just for you

So I had these black patent short booties that I had worn once, like 2 or 3 years ago. They were plain and just boring. So I decided to make them a little more interesting. I found a gold chain I rarely wore that I got at forever 21 last year for like 6 or 7 dollars, pulled out my hot glue gun and some clips.

First I counted the links to see what half would be and there were 32 so it left 16 for each boot. I measured them around the top of the bootie to see if that would be enough and it just barely made it. So next I got the wire cutters and cut the excess off and I separated the 16th links from each other and now I had two separate chains. Next I put a dab of hot glue at my starting point on one side of the zipper and I secured it with one of my belt clips. I repeated the step four more times until I reached the other side of the zipper. I later moved on to the other bootie.

So now I have new and exciting booties. Yay! I wish I had thought about taking pictures during the process but it never crossed my mind until the end when I was really happy with the result and my boys complimented my handiwork. So hopefully this will get you encouraged to make some of your own with your "boring" booties.

Pain pain go away.......NOW!!!

Those are the shoes I recieved yesterday. They are more beautiful in person. The blue ones the most vibrant blue I have ever seen. The purples ruffles are super cute.

So I am still in pain. I just can't stand it. Throughout the night I'd wake up in pain because I'd move in my sleep. I tend to toss and turn while I'm asleep. So I did not have a good night. Getting out of bed was terrible. So now I'm on the couch sitting up and trying not to move too much. I'm going to try to get another masage today. This is awful. There is NO WAY I am going to go to the in-laws tomorrow. Nope.

Friday, December 18, 2009

I should be happy.........

Okay, so yes I am wearing the new boots today. I should be happy because not only am I wearing such awesome shoes, but in a bit I'll be receiving two other pairs of shoes. I love getting packages. It makes me happy. But........I am in soooooo much pain right now. I pulled a muscle in my neck/shoulder and It hurts so bad. I can't even go up and down the stairs because it's so painful. No hair done, no make up and an easy pull on dress with stockings and of course the new boots. That's me right now. I tried brushing my hair and it was just too painful. I then tried make-up. Nope. PAINFUL!! So right now I am laying on the couch in the only position that is tolerable. I got a massage and I smell like bengay but still in pain. I took two of my ibu 800's and still in pain. I am just waiting for my packages and then I am going to soak in the tub for a while. I don't know whats wrong. All I was doing was WIPING DOWN THE COUNTERS! That's it!! Geesh, maybe is right, I am defective. Or better yet I'm right, he broke me.

Fun school.

Just as I had mentioned before I wore my blue shoosies with my blue coat to my kids Holiday performance. He was part of the five golden rings. After the holiday performance I followed my squishy to his class for a class party/build a gingerbread house. I was wearing a dress and heels. I thought we'd be working on tables or at desks but we were told to set up on the floor. So I kicked my heels off and put them next to my coat and purse off in a corner away from all the candy and frosting were I felt all would be safe. So there I am in a fancy designer dress on the floor that's full of grass, dirt, candy and frosting. I still had fun though. I gave squishy pointers on how to build and I let him do it himself. When he was done his was the only one still standing. All the kids were saying, it's because his mom is a construction worker and she did it for him. I go no, I am not a construction worker. I told you guys that you were making them too big that they wouldn't be stable. Which is true. I kept telling them, make them smaller but they wanted a big house. So I just let them do whatever they wanted to do. But it was fun non the less.

So the booties I ordered on Sunday came in yesterday. They are super HIGH! I love them. They are suede so I know they'll damage easily, but they are perfect. As soon as FedEx dropped them off I put them on to test them out. They are fab! I am so happy with them. I'm supposed to receive the two other pairs of shoes I ordered today. I think within the next hour or so. They came in two shipments. Hmm.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So they keep winning.

They won Monday night's game. They won Tuesday night's game. So tonight they play for First place. If they win again they continue on playing other regions (?). We would have to travel for the games. I have a good feeling that they will lose tonight. They are playing a the team who ruined their undeafeted status. They've played them twice and lost to them twice. So Hopefully it'll be thrice. Hee hee, I'm bad.

Monday, December 14, 2009

I hope they lose, does that make me bad?

So kid 1 is in the finals. They lost their last game and they have two games scheduled this week. One tonight and the other on Tuesday. If they win they play another one on Wed. night. I hope they lose. Quite frankly, kid 1 hopes they lose as well. We are both tired of the games. I'm sorry, but this sport is so boring. I still don't understand it. So please lose!! Please please lose!! In a bit I need to change into something more suitable for a soccer field. Joy.........

They won their game 5-0. UGH!!

Yay!! My blue coat came in!!

Way back when when I bought my first coat from old navy (the green one)I went home happy with my green coat, but sad because they didn't have the red one in stock in my size. So I went home looked online, called all my area stores and none of then had it in stock so I just ordered it online. Later that day or the next I paid attention to the commercial,(remember the Asian modelquin acting like a diva in the fitting room?) I noticed she was wearing the very same coat but in blue! BLUE!! I went back online and nothing. No mention of it. I called stores and they all said it never came in blue. So I chalked it up to it being in blue just for the commercial. About a week ago I was strolling eBay for a blue coat. And what do I find? The tab button coat in blue, and in my size! Hoorah!! I bought the sucker and I just received it. It is fabulous! It is made out of the same textured fabric as the green one. It was meant for me! The white one though, was not I think. Even though I finally got it I had to get it a size too big. They were completely sold out in all the smaller sizes. I was lucky to find the one I found as every were I went it was only in XL and XXL. I wanted a med. The smallest one I found was a Large. I would have preferred it in small. Oh well.

I am just super happy with my blue coat. I will be wearing it Thursday with my blue shoes from yesterday (unless the new ones I just ordered come in by then) for my kids Christmas show. Yay!! I'll probably wear it tonight at my kids soccer game as well. Hmm, yup I will.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'm a happy girl today.

It finally stopped raining. Yay. I bought new shoes today. YAY!! So today I am a happy girl. Oh, plus my Brett won today! GO VIKINGS!!!! Sorry Packers, I know you think I'm a traiter now. But I don't care I loved you for 14 years because of Brett (amoung others R.I.P. big guy) but I just don't like Rodgers and it seems like you're not playing like a team anymore. Sorry.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Why is it so addicting??

So I never liked ceviche before. Okay,okay I had NEVER tried it before. It just looked, well yucky. Plus raw fish?!? I haven't tried sushi for that same reason. But last summer when we went to Mr.mans half siblings home for the first time his step mom made ceviche as the meal. She served me a plate with two tostadas and I stopped her before she put hot sauce on them. No hot sauce please I had told her. She handed me my plate and I sat and I stared at them with horror. Fish,shrimp,cilantro,tomato's and ONIONS!! had just met this part of his family the previous month and we had made the long drive up to Sacramento to spend the weekend with them. We took advantage that's biological father would not be around as hates him with a passion. So like I said there I was staring at them thinking oh my god please let me not vomit. I took a bite and all I tasted was lemon. Hmm. So another bite. Yummy lemony shrimp. Hmm. I couldn't even taste the cilantro or onion (which I hate). In no time I'd finished both tostadas and there I was getting a third! A THIRD!! So later in the weekend I fessed up that that had been my first time ever eating ceviche. She told me the recipe and I had plans on making it. However, by the time we were back home I'd completely forgotten the recipe. A whole year passed and I saw her again this summer when we went to the nephews bday party. She asked me if I had made it yet. I told her the truth and again she gave me the recipe; ground catfish, shrimp, chopped red onion, salt and pepper covered in lemon juice. Put in fridge overnight and add diced tomatoes and chopped cilantro when ready to serve. So I made it the following weekend and now I am always making it. Only kid 1 doesn't like it. Well he's like I was. Never tried it and he says he never will that's its gross. So I usually make it with 6lbs of shrimp, 4lbs of catfish and by the evening it's all gone. It's so addicting! I had just made some Wednesday night for Thursday. We gobbled it all up. Everyone still wanted more. So tonight I made another batch for tomorrow. Yum, I can't wait. I discovered that if you soak the shrimp in a separate container than all the other ingredients it cooks thru faster. Then in the morning I drain the shrimp and add it along with the tomatoes and cilantro to the fish and onion mixture.

So now I wait.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Yay, no more roots!

When the rain finally stopped (I didn't want to mess up my shoes : )) I quickly dashed off to dye my hair. IT HAS BEEN SOOOO LONG!! My hair has gotten incredibly damaged with all the dying, straightning etc. So I decided to give my hair a break. I got it trimed and just let my roots show. FOR THREE MONTHS!!

I don't quite feel like myself when my hairs not red. I've been a redhead for 15 years. I also don't like short hair. So I had to give my hair a break and frequent deep treatments. So I am me again. Yay.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh sadness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darn my procrastination!! They are not only sold out online, but also at the stores!! This beauty slipped through my fingers. I should have just ordered it online when I had the chance. Okay, I gotta go have a good cry now. Bye.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

blah, blah, blah!

Okay, this is whats going on. I am sick AGAIN!!!!!!!! How can that be? I had JUST gotten better. I was sick for a MONTH last time!!! I hate that I'm always sick. I hate when I feel like this. I don't even feel like getting dressed or doing my hair and make-up. All I want to do is stay in bed all day. BUT I CAN'T. I always have tons of things to do. Like today I needed to be ten people to get everything done that needed to be. In a few minutes I'll be taking nyquil and hopefully it'll help. The good thing is I'll get to sleep in an extra hour tommorow morning. Oh goody. An Hour. Joy.

I hope I get better before Monday because *UGH* next week will really be hectic.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Monday with the in-laws

After Disneyland the half-bro and his wife followed us home and stayed the night. ordered a movie and they stayed up to watch it. I however, went straight to bed.

Monday they all slept in. I got up early and took the kids to school. At 11 am everyone else finally came down. We went out to lunch then we came home and watched some movies. It was raining non-stop and it was nicer inside with a fire going. They left our house at 5pm. We told them just to spend the night because the grapevine was most definatly going to be shut down due to snow. They said they couldn't and they took off. We later got a call telling us that we were right. HA!
Childish, I know, but I just can't help myself.

A dry Sunday at Disneyland

(That's an old picture. It was taken March 2008)

Okay, Like I had commented on Sat. I wanted to go to Disneyland. Then as soon as I hit Publish got a call from one of his half-bros and they told us they had just arrived to Anaheim and that they were going to be at Disneyland the following day. So tells them we'd be joining them.

So we had a fun time and the rain never arrived. Yay!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's CCCCCCCold!!

It's cold!! Today is also the last dry day for over a week!! There is rain in the forecast for the next 10 days. Kid 2 and squishy want to go to Disneyland tomorrow. Are they nuts? Am I nuts to kinda wanna go too?? They open at 9am so I'll see how I feel in the morning and how the weather looks before I fully decide. Good thing I have raincoats.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Yay it's Friday!!

Oh Friday, glorious Friday. It marks the end of the week and hope for the weekend. Not having to wake up early, not having to go back and forth taking kids to and from school, practices etc.

I am going to try to sleep in tommorrow. I can't wait!! I have been incredibly tired and achey this past week that I have been looking foward to sleeping in on Sat. Oh Yay!!

I want this skirt!!!!!!

I want this skirt NOW!! I called my local F21 however they don't have them in stock. She couldn't tell me if they were ever coming in. I like instant gratitude and I also like checking items out in person because alot of time they look awesome in pics but in person....not so much. She was able to tell me who did have them but it it quite a drive for just one thing. I have to think about this. Maybe I'll have to order it online. Bummer.