Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wow! Post 100!!!

So this is my hundredth post. Yippee! Hoorah!

Okay enough celebration. Let me see, what did I do today? Well, was off today so we again went shopping for the last gifts. I only joined him for the in town shopping because I again was watching the neighbors kids. They had a golf tournament mid day so that gave me a few hours to be able to join Later he dropped me off at home so I could wait for the neighbors kids. Their instructor was going to drop them off at my house. and kid 2 then headed off to Pro bass shop to purchase a new pole for kid 2. I wrapped more presents. I baked cookies and banana nut bread. I made dinner. I took kid 1 to practice (yes, they won the other day and so their season is ongoing).

UPS driver dropped a package off for me. I received the three pairs I ordered yesterday. Super quick delivery for once from I was quite pleasantly surprised. I love all three pairs!

That is all the exciting things for my 100th post!

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