Saturday, December 12, 2009

Why is it so addicting??

So I never liked ceviche before. Okay,okay I had NEVER tried it before. It just looked, well yucky. Plus raw fish?!? I haven't tried sushi for that same reason. But last summer when we went to Mr.mans half siblings home for the first time his step mom made ceviche as the meal. She served me a plate with two tostadas and I stopped her before she put hot sauce on them. No hot sauce please I had told her. She handed me my plate and I sat and I stared at them with horror. Fish,shrimp,cilantro,tomato's and ONIONS!! had just met this part of his family the previous month and we had made the long drive up to Sacramento to spend the weekend with them. We took advantage that's biological father would not be around as hates him with a passion. So like I said there I was staring at them thinking oh my god please let me not vomit. I took a bite and all I tasted was lemon. Hmm. So another bite. Yummy lemony shrimp. Hmm. I couldn't even taste the cilantro or onion (which I hate). In no time I'd finished both tostadas and there I was getting a third! A THIRD!! So later in the weekend I fessed up that that had been my first time ever eating ceviche. She told me the recipe and I had plans on making it. However, by the time we were back home I'd completely forgotten the recipe. A whole year passed and I saw her again this summer when we went to the nephews bday party. She asked me if I had made it yet. I told her the truth and again she gave me the recipe; ground catfish, shrimp, chopped red onion, salt and pepper covered in lemon juice. Put in fridge overnight and add diced tomatoes and chopped cilantro when ready to serve. So I made it the following weekend and now I am always making it. Only kid 1 doesn't like it. Well he's like I was. Never tried it and he says he never will that's its gross. So I usually make it with 6lbs of shrimp, 4lbs of catfish and by the evening it's all gone. It's so addicting! I had just made some Wednesday night for Thursday. We gobbled it all up. Everyone still wanted more. So tonight I made another batch for tomorrow. Yum, I can't wait. I discovered that if you soak the shrimp in a separate container than all the other ingredients it cooks thru faster. Then in the morning I drain the shrimp and add it along with the tomatoes and cilantro to the fish and onion mixture.

So now I wait.


  1. Wondering how comfortable these are? I remember zinc made these last year, but not many manufacturers are making the tall mary jane anymore.

  2. :) Good eye as these are by Zinc. These are quite difficult to walk in as it's like walking in pointes. If you've have ballet training (like me)you have an advantage but otherwise, ouch!

    Loub has that cute maryjane I am lusting after and I beleive Steve Madden has a couple right now.


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