Thursday, December 31, 2009

Do I Dare???

A couple months back (okay maybe not that long ago, maybe it was a month) I found a dress which I just couldn't pass up at a local thrift store. At $3.20 (60% off day) it looked like a fun dress to own. Not to ever wear, but to own. When I bought it the super friendly sales clerk said I should wear it for New Years. Like I said before, I think the dress is kinda cool in an 80's kinda way, but to wear it??

Now, it is new years eve and we are staying home alone. No party's, no visitors, just the five of us hear safe at home (for some reason New Years scares me). So squishy asked me if I was going to wear my new years dress. Uhh, no I tell him. He asks me why and I say because it would be embarrassing. He just tells me no ones coming and we can all dress up and have fun. Now, do I dare to? I guess it'll depend on how shnockered I am as the night progresses. Mmm, medori and malibu rum. Yay.

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