Sunday, December 27, 2009

My head hurts. I wonder why.

Today I went down to visit my family. I was out there for 6 hours and I am just glad to finally be home. First I stopped off at My parents house. Only my dad was home. My mom was out with my sister 2. Shortly thereafter they arrived. Gifts were exchanged, blah blah. We then had to go to the store to return a ripstick my mom got kid 2 because kid 2 already had one. So she returned it and just gave kid 2 the cash. We walked around the store and checked out the after Christmas sale. I was looking for a star but I didn't find one. I did find a cute bug eyed penguin pillow though. Squishy bought Lego's with some of his Christmas money. After what felt forever we went back to my parents house. I was then asked if I'd seen sister 3 new house yet. I hadn't so sister 2 took me to sister 3's house. I gave it a quick looksy and then we all headed back to my parents house. My dad made some short ribs and we had dinner. After we ate it was now 5pm and dark so I decided to go home. Sister 1 never showed up like she had said she would. So at 5:15 Sister 2 and I went to our homes and sister 3 stayed at my parents. I am tired, I have a horrible headache and I just want to go to sleep.

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