Monday, December 21, 2009

Some shopping today.

Well by 9am I was out and about doing some x-mas shopping. I got most of the stocking stuffers and most of my kids gifts. Got my neighbor and her kids gifts and I got the other neighbors their usual wine and popcorn tins. I even got my self a few things. Yay!

I got my self those lace booties. They are quite cute. They are a creme color with the black lace overlay. I also got myself another pair of booties. These are black with a couple of vertical zippers on the sides. I don't know what it is with me and booties right now. I got them at Forever21. So quality is not the best but aren't these just the cutest boots?

Tomorrow I will have to continue my shopping. I will have to take the neighbors kids with me but its okay they are usually well behaved. I need to call some Targets tomorrow to try to find some PJ's Kid 2 wants. He's 13 but he wants a blanket sleeper pajama!! They have or better said had some black ones with skulls. They no longer have his size. All they had were small and xsmall. He needs a large. I'd even get him some XL. They'll last my shorty longer. Hmm, he's not necessarily short he's just bony. He wears 14slim jeans and they are still baggy. I bought him skinny jeans. Baggy. Yet he wears 8/10 tops. Long skinny arms. I tell him if he were a girl he's be modeling right now. He just laughs. And calls kid 1 a girl. Kid 1 used to model when he was much younger. However he grew tired of the on site teachers. Now after puberty hit him I doubt he'll ever do that again.

Anyways off track.....

So more shopping tomorrow. Yay. The stores weren't bad today, so hopefully they'll be the same tomorrow.

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