Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A nothing Tuesday.

So today I wore the Rhapsody dress I bought yesterday for a whopping $7.49! It is quite a lovely dress. It won't last long I believe but for $7.49 I really don't care. I wore it with My Forever21 Allure booties.

So last night I ordered a couple booties from Urbanog.com. It was their last sale day. If I had bought them on Friday or Sat I would have saved a bit more. On those days it was 30% off. I received 25% off last night. I ordered booties again. OMG why do I always do that. I get in a rut and I buy the same things all the time. However, these are quite similar to the Christian Louboutin Nitoinimoi Bandage Ankle Boots. Which are SOLD OUT. So these will make a nice cheap substitute. However these are imitation suede instead of leather but hey, I also was able to get them in red. Woo-hoo!

A few hours ago I got an e-mail saying that ups would be delivering them tomorrow. I hope it's true. Last time I ordered I received them the very next day. Normal shipping too.

So today all we did was go to the park. The boys caused havoc with their ripsticks and scooters. I then took on the huge task of making "chile rellenos" Or stuffed peppers. They are a complicated meal that have an acquired taste. It wasn't until 3 or so years ago that I actually started liking them. If they aren't spicy : ). The roasting, the peeling, the gutting, the stuffing and the egg batter and finally the frying. Ow my stinging fingers. This batch was super spicy so I am not going to eat them. All that work making those 10 peppers and I won't be enjoying them. Bummer. So I am hungry and will probably eat a hot dog. Joy.

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