Monday, December 28, 2009

Oh, kids with money drive mommy crazy.

Well the boys scored alot of cash yesterday with my family. So what did they want to do today? Spend it! So early in the morning they woke up and begged me to take them shopping. I told them to wait until 10am because the game stores don't open until then.

Right at 10am we pile into my car and off we go. After 10 hours (okay it was just one but oh my gawd it felt like 10) Kid 1 buys himself a limited edition 360 controller. Kid 2 then wants to go to the local bait and tackle store and he spent every last penny of his $100 on fishing stuff.

Squishy then wanted to go to walmart and Target to look around. He bought even more Lego's and many other little knick knack and candy. After the boys were broke I went on to do some grocery shopping. We came home, unloaded the car and Kid 1 and Kid 2 stayed home while squishy and I went to browse the thrift stores. Squishy found even more knick knacks and spent a whole .95 cents. Next we moved on to Ross. I browsed and I actually found three nice dresses. So I was quite happy. Then I got in the mile long line and then, not so much. However when all three dresses came out to under $23 I was again a happy girl. For one of those dresses was a $174 Calvin Klein dress. I already own it in black and yup it was $174 now I got it in brown as well thanks to Ross. Yipee. At $6.99 clearance I am almost certain it was mispriced but SCORE!!

After Ross I had to go to staples to exchange a memory stick I had purchased. When I stick it in my camera it would read error. After what was the easiest exchange ever we went back home. By then it was time for kid 1's soccer practice.

If it hadn't been for the dresses it would have been the worst shopping day EVER!!

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