Saturday, December 19, 2009

A DIY just for you

So I had these black patent short booties that I had worn once, like 2 or 3 years ago. They were plain and just boring. So I decided to make them a little more interesting. I found a gold chain I rarely wore that I got at forever 21 last year for like 6 or 7 dollars, pulled out my hot glue gun and some clips.

First I counted the links to see what half would be and there were 32 so it left 16 for each boot. I measured them around the top of the bootie to see if that would be enough and it just barely made it. So next I got the wire cutters and cut the excess off and I separated the 16th links from each other and now I had two separate chains. Next I put a dab of hot glue at my starting point on one side of the zipper and I secured it with one of my belt clips. I repeated the step four more times until I reached the other side of the zipper. I later moved on to the other bootie.

So now I have new and exciting booties. Yay! I wish I had thought about taking pictures during the process but it never crossed my mind until the end when I was really happy with the result and my boys complimented my handiwork. So hopefully this will get you encouraged to make some of your own with your "boring" booties.

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