Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas! Or is it happy holidays??

Merry Christmas!! By now everything has wound down and is over. Presents have been opened, stockings have been ravaged and meals have been eaten. I probably have gained so much weight with yesterday and today. Ugh...

What is about to begin is the cleaning. Oh how I wish I could just throw everything away and not deal with it. But nope, all of those dishes need to be washed. Pots, pans, baking dishes. Sadness. I hinted around for some help, but it's like magic. They have all disapearred and have not even come down to see if I'm alive. Again, sadness.

I was hoping to possibly tomorrow get in on some of that day after christmas sales. I will not be able to though. I was just asked to watch the neighbors kids tomorrow. I now that they depend on me, so I of course agreed to do so. Maybe it's a good thing, the crowds are going to be brutal tomorrow. Sunday I need to go down to visit my family so maybe I'll put in some shopping either before or after my visit.

Well I'm off to guilt trip a kid to help me clean.

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