Sunday, December 20, 2009

Why don't I like Christmas?

I don't know why. I hate Christmas. I hate putting up the tree, I hate decorating, I just plain hate it. I'm not a scrooge I think. I just hate having to pull everything out, moving things around blah blah blah. Every year I wait until the last possible minute to put everything up and as soon as x-mas passes quickly put everything away. It is just an awful feeling. I don't feel comfortable with everything "out of place". I know it probably has to do with the mild ocd I have. I hate when things are not in their place and it really disturbs my mood. So I hate it. I also hate the whole obligated to buy everyone I've ever crossed paths with presents. It is just stress and pressure I really don't need. I am not good at buying presents for others when I am forced to. I get a mental block and can't decide or even think straight. So, I hate Christmas. I hate the whole season. Yup. I hate it.

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