Monday, December 14, 2009

Yay!! My blue coat came in!!

Way back when when I bought my first coat from old navy (the green one)I went home happy with my green coat, but sad because they didn't have the red one in stock in my size. So I went home looked online, called all my area stores and none of then had it in stock so I just ordered it online. Later that day or the next I paid attention to the commercial,(remember the Asian modelquin acting like a diva in the fitting room?) I noticed she was wearing the very same coat but in blue! BLUE!! I went back online and nothing. No mention of it. I called stores and they all said it never came in blue. So I chalked it up to it being in blue just for the commercial. About a week ago I was strolling eBay for a blue coat. And what do I find? The tab button coat in blue, and in my size! Hoorah!! I bought the sucker and I just received it. It is fabulous! It is made out of the same textured fabric as the green one. It was meant for me! The white one though, was not I think. Even though I finally got it I had to get it a size too big. They were completely sold out in all the smaller sizes. I was lucky to find the one I found as every were I went it was only in XL and XXL. I wanted a med. The smallest one I found was a Large. I would have preferred it in small. Oh well.

I am just super happy with my blue coat. I will be wearing it Thursday with my blue shoes from yesterday (unless the new ones I just ordered come in by then) for my kids Christmas show. Yay!! I'll probably wear it tonight at my kids soccer game as well. Hmm, yup I will.

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