Friday, December 18, 2009

Fun school.

Just as I had mentioned before I wore my blue shoosies with my blue coat to my kids Holiday performance. He was part of the five golden rings. After the holiday performance I followed my squishy to his class for a class party/build a gingerbread house. I was wearing a dress and heels. I thought we'd be working on tables or at desks but we were told to set up on the floor. So I kicked my heels off and put them next to my coat and purse off in a corner away from all the candy and frosting were I felt all would be safe. So there I am in a fancy designer dress on the floor that's full of grass, dirt, candy and frosting. I still had fun though. I gave squishy pointers on how to build and I let him do it himself. When he was done his was the only one still standing. All the kids were saying, it's because his mom is a construction worker and she did it for him. I go no, I am not a construction worker. I told you guys that you were making them too big that they wouldn't be stable. Which is true. I kept telling them, make them smaller but they wanted a big house. So I just let them do whatever they wanted to do. But it was fun non the less.

So the booties I ordered on Sunday came in yesterday. They are super HIGH! I love them. They are suede so I know they'll damage easily, but they are perfect. As soon as FedEx dropped them off I put them on to test them out. They are fab! I am so happy with them. I'm supposed to receive the two other pairs of shoes I ordered today. I think within the next hour or so. They came in two shipments. Hmm.

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