Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ugh! I admit it, I have run out of room.

Okay, so I went in my shoe room today to get some shoes (of course silly, what a dork)and I had to jump over stuff to get to the shoes I wanted to wear today. Okay it wasn't really "stuff" it was a tall mountain of boots. I usually store my boots upstairs in my closet but being thats it's fall I brought them downstairs so they'll be more accessible. However, my shoe room is already packed. There really was no room for them there so I just lined them up against some stacks of shoes. As the days went by and I used said boots I would just throw them in a pile after I'd take them off. So soon the neat little rows of boots became a mountain. I also put up a rack in the available space in the room for more coats.

The room was a complete mess. UGH! So I organized as best I could and it now looks neat but I just need more room. Okay, okay I know the real thing I need to do. I need to weed out. I just love everything and I can't see myself giving it away. I thought about a yard sale, but I know I wouldn't sell a thing since I wouldn't be selling the stuff for .25 cents and such. So I'm stuck.

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