Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My weekend

The Happy couple

My Dad and Aunt

Sat was my aunt's wedding. It was nice and I had a good time. My Mom did not, but I did my best to ignore her. My grandfather passed away in 1991 so my dad was asked to dance the father daughter dance with my aunt. It was a sad but sweet dance.

Sun we spent the day in the high desert at my in laws house. I thought we were only going to be there for a couple hours but it turned into an all day thing. I was glad when we were finally home as ,like always, conversations turn into discussions which then turn into arguments. I stay out of it and just let Mr.man and his mom and sometimes his grandma get into it. How is that normal?

Monday I bummed around in my PJ's until 2pm and I planned to spend the day like that but I needed to go out and buy a couple things so I finally gave in and dressed.

Tuesday I received three packages! Oh happy day!

As our vacation is getting closer I am stressing out trying to figure out what to do with our pets. I have hired our neighbors kids to feed the four outdoor dogs, but what am I going to do with the cat and my indoor dog? I really don't want to give the boys full access to my home while we are gone, I don't want to put them into boarding and we can't take them with us. Oh my gosh, I forgot about the fish, turtles, snake and the bird. What are we going to do????

I have three days to figure this all out. Help!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Half the world was there.

Like I had mentioned before, on Thursday we went to Disneyland. We wanted to go last week but the weather was horrible. Thursday the high was of 79/80 and we decided to head out there and spend a nice day having fun.

Well I guess everyone had the same idea as the place was terribly crowded. Every ride had 60 minute + wait times and trying to walk was an incredibly hard task. After only three hours we gave up. I told the boys not to worry as the off season would soon be here and our short wait times would return.

I really didn't want to go home so we went for a bit of shopping. Well I had said I was going to go for a bit of "browsing" but it ended up being a bit of shopping. Hehehe.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Getting ready

I have several things coming up. I have a wedding to attend this Sat. On the 30th I am taking my neighbors 11 year old to Disneyland. On the 31st I have a quincenera for Mr.mans cousin plus Mr.mans half sister is probably coming that weekend. Then on the 2nd we are going on a two week vacation. Then the last week of August we are off to Vegas. Let's not forget Oceanside on Labor day.

We have bought our new suitcases, gotten our hair done/cut and bought new clothes. We also bought an above ground pool Sunday a few hours after Mr.man came home. The boys are super tan from swimming these past few days and are almost as dark as their dad now. Tomorrow we are off to DL as the temps have dropped quite a bit.

I have been busy busy busy and I can't wait until it is all over. However, I will have fun through it all.

Sorry my posts have been kind of few and far between lately. As soon as everything calms down I will return to my normal routine.

: )

Saturday, July 17, 2010

This heat is awful.

Everyday this week the temps have been over 106 degrees. It's humid and gross and the air just feels thick and difficult to breathe. I haven't really wanted to go out at all but today I had to. The boys are on their last three weeks of summer vacation and I need to start getting them ready for school. Squishy has been bugging me to go get him his new school shirts. He doesn't want to wear the official school t-shirts he wants to wear the polo shirts(they are letting the kids wear plain solid color polo shirts if they do not wish to wear the official t-shirts). We went to our small local mall and he came home with ten new shirts. He got one in every color available in his size. He still needs his new jeans and a pair of shoes and the older two still need everything. These last three weeks will fly by, I know it. I really should get everything done by the end of next week since we might be heading off for a two week vacation starting Aug. 2nd.

I received two packages today (yay fed-ex and USPS who deliver on Sat.) so now I have three new additions to my shoeroom. Wednesday I will be receiving four more pairs and another pair will be arriving around that day as well. Woo-hoo! have shoes to look forward to : )

Dress: Dolce&Gabbana
Necklace: F21
Belt: Target
Shoes: BEBE

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I saw it happen...

This morning I was up early and did some early morning online shoe shopping. I purchased 4 pairs and can't wait to get them. I am still waiting for two pairs that I bought on ebay from some store in studio city. According to them they shipped on the 6th. Which means I should have received them the latest the 8th or 9th. However, nothing. Their delivery conformation still says electronic info received. I am not happy with these people at all and will most likely give a neutral or even a negative feedback to them. I am also waiting for a pair I ordered on Tuesday plus one last pre-order. I can't wait to get them all!

Today I was talked into going to the small water park. It sounded good as the temps were ridiculously HOT. While there a thunderstorm started in the distance. I had a good view of the hills and mountains. All of a sudden I see a huge lightning bolt hit a hill and a few minutes later I see flames. The flames got bigger and I could see them spread quickly. They made everyone get out of the pool while the thunderstorm raged on and I decided now was good a time as any to just head home.

This water park is about a 20-25 minute drive (depending on traffic and on lights)the entire drive home was a bit scary as the winds picked up and they Sky's got grey. I was dodging tree branches and even patio umbrellas and shades. They were flying out of peoples back yards!

I was glad to finally get home and go indoors where not only did I feel safe, but OMG the A/C was glorious. I went up to take a quick shower and that's when I noticed the sun burn. Oh, it's a bad one. Aloe is my friend at the moment.

This heat and my sunburn has changed my mind about heading to DL tomorrow. We were supposed to meet some friends there but I have already let them know we wont be showing up after all. We have decided to go on Sunday or possibly Monday instead.

Okay, I am off to spread some more aloe on my shoulders. Ouch.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oh boy, are they mad.....

Today was the boys registration. As soon as we walked into the building there were uniforms hanging on the wall. The boys look at them in horror as at that very second they realized that the "rumor" was true. They will start wearing uniforms this year. I am a sick twisted individual as when I saw their faces I started laughing. HARD. Bad mommy.

Yesterday I received another pre-order (shoes pictured) and at first all was well. I wore them around the house for a bit and when I took them off I noticed that they were cracked and peeling. Horrible. I contacted their customer service dept and they offered me a 30% refund to keep them. However I can't see myself wearing them in that condition.

So back they went and at least they will give me a full refund as they usually deduct a return shipping fee from returns. Oh well, maybe I will re-order them after I receive my refund and give them a second shot. Maybe.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More than a week later.

Mr.man is in AZ for the week and he wanted us to go with him. We however declined. It is so HOT out there that we were not looking forward to it. Fortunately the boys have their registration this week at school so that was our excuse to stay.

Last Friday Mr.man and kid 2 went on a fishing trip so the other two boys and I went to Disneyland. They caught a few catfish, we caught traffic.

Sat. was spent shopping. Sunday was as well.

Yesterday was the best day of all. I spent the entire day in bed watching all of season 1 of Ugly Betty (my guilty pleasure). I still can't believe I did so. The boys thought I was sick since I spent the day in my bedroom and were shocked to find out that I was just being a couch (or bed) potato. I only went out to get us some lunch and when I opened the door for the UPS driver.

Now today the older two boys are at their school doing volunteer work. They are not too happy about it but I told them they had to do it. It's only for three hours so it shouldn't be too bad. Plus I get them out of the house : )

This has been the most relaxing summer vacation I have had. Good times!

Wait this is for Justine,

Good times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (hehe ;D )

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Magazines make me mad sometimes.

It is really frustrating and maddening sometimes. I am flipping through a fashion magazine and there I see an outfit that looks familiar. I think hmm, I have that. I then remember that it's more like HAD. As just last month or so I dropped that item along with many others off at my Local thrift store. Ugh.


You see something on a spread but then you find their whats hot and whats not section and there they claim an item that they had featured in a spread, in their opinion, is included in the NOT section. WTF?!?

It's reasons like that that I wear what I want and don't really care whether it's in or Not. I don't follow rules (the fashion ones anyways) and I am a rebel and if I feel like wearing a cocktail dress while shopping at Target, then I will do so. hehehe.

Friday was fun!!

Squishy and I went to DL. It was so much fun!! If it weren't that we both got really tired we probably would have stayed there until closing. He already has told me he wants to go back as soon as possible. I told him maybe on Thursday or Friday. He wants it to be just him and me again. We'll see.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Takes me back

Last night I watched So You Think You Could Dance. I hadn't watched it for about a year. I noticed there were several differences since my last time watching the show. It was explained to me that Mary Murphy had been replaced and that now they had a top 10 instead of 20 and they all danced with all stars from years previous. I was excited to see Twitch as one of the all stars (I love him!!!). I was told his performance with Alex was going to be awesome. OMG!! It was Freakin" AWESOME!!!! I replayed it over and over it was SO good!

It made me think back to my jr and high school days and Dancing in competitions. I miss it. We normally danced contemporary, jazz and ballet. Hip hop routines were not the norm back them (early 90's). We would do a hip hop routine here and there for basketball halftimes or pep rallies but we never did one for competitions. We were invited to perform with Micheal Jackson for the super bowl half time in Pasadena and I was invited to perform for the opening ceremony of the World Cup 94. I was a CA Allstar and I always had fun and I had dreams of becoming a choreographer/dancer but that never happened. Now there is no way I could in any way dance the way I used to. Oh well, C'est la vie.

We had had plans to go to DL today. But like always plans get ruined. I was asked if I could watch the neighbors kids today and I reluctantly agreed. I then made plans to go tomorrow. However, I forgot, 1) We had been invited to the local water park, 2)Mr.man's sisters may be arriving (he still hasn't let me know whether they are or not) and now 3) My mom and sister 2 want to come for a visit.

Kid 1 and 2 don't want to go tomorrow as they would rather go to the water park but squishy and I would prefer DL. We might end up splitting up tomorrow and I'll tell my mom and sis to come some other time and as far as mr.mans sisters, he's off on Fridays now so he could take care of that himself. I will lock all my "goods" up so sticky fingers don't take what isn't theirs.

Problem solved (maybe).