Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oh boy, are they mad.....

Today was the boys registration. As soon as we walked into the building there were uniforms hanging on the wall. The boys look at them in horror as at that very second they realized that the "rumor" was true. They will start wearing uniforms this year. I am a sick twisted individual as when I saw their faces I started laughing. HARD. Bad mommy.

Yesterday I received another pre-order (shoes pictured) and at first all was well. I wore them around the house for a bit and when I took them off I noticed that they were cracked and peeling. Horrible. I contacted their customer service dept and they offered me a 30% refund to keep them. However I can't see myself wearing them in that condition.

So back they went and at least they will give me a full refund as they usually deduct a return shipping fee from returns. Oh well, maybe I will re-order them after I receive my refund and give them a second shot. Maybe.


  1. omg that sucks because those are really cute! unbelievable!

    Also, I so wonder what is going on with the your MacAfee're on a pc then right? what browser are you using? Explorer or Netscape? I wonder. I'm going to remove one thing I think it may be and do you mind coming back tomorrow and commenting or emailing me if you have the issue again?

    Thanks so much in advance ;)

  2. Thank you so much!!! :) glad I fixed the problem with your help!


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