Thursday, July 1, 2010

Takes me back

Last night I watched So You Think You Could Dance. I hadn't watched it for about a year. I noticed there were several differences since my last time watching the show. It was explained to me that Mary Murphy had been replaced and that now they had a top 10 instead of 20 and they all danced with all stars from years previous. I was excited to see Twitch as one of the all stars (I love him!!!). I was told his performance with Alex was going to be awesome. OMG!! It was Freakin" AWESOME!!!! I replayed it over and over it was SO good!

It made me think back to my jr and high school days and Dancing in competitions. I miss it. We normally danced contemporary, jazz and ballet. Hip hop routines were not the norm back them (early 90's). We would do a hip hop routine here and there for basketball halftimes or pep rallies but we never did one for competitions. We were invited to perform with Micheal Jackson for the super bowl half time in Pasadena and I was invited to perform for the opening ceremony of the World Cup 94. I was a CA Allstar and I always had fun and I had dreams of becoming a choreographer/dancer but that never happened. Now there is no way I could in any way dance the way I used to. Oh well, C'est la vie.

We had had plans to go to DL today. But like always plans get ruined. I was asked if I could watch the neighbors kids today and I reluctantly agreed. I then made plans to go tomorrow. However, I forgot, 1) We had been invited to the local water park, 2)'s sisters may be arriving (he still hasn't let me know whether they are or not) and now 3) My mom and sister 2 want to come for a visit.

Kid 1 and 2 don't want to go tomorrow as they would rather go to the water park but squishy and I would prefer DL. We might end up splitting up tomorrow and I'll tell my mom and sis to come some other time and as far as mr.mans sisters, he's off on Fridays now so he could take care of that himself. I will lock all my "goods" up so sticky fingers don't take what isn't theirs.

Problem solved (maybe).

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