Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I am so over this heat...

It's hot. So freakin' hot that I am afraid to go outdoors for any reason. Plus the sun is incredibly bright and with my sensitivity to the sun the brightness seems amplified. I keep hearing on the news that we are having cooler than normal temps this summer. Which I know is true but I just wish it were even cooler or that the sun would go on a long vacation. Anyways.....

Today was spent indoors watching movies and playing board games. Sort of an indoor picnic. The day went by quickly and well after 5pm I remembered that I still needed to drop off the defective receiver at a UPS drop off. I quickly jumped in my car and drove to to two locations and they were both closed. I should have called first, but I didn't so now I have to do that tomorrow. Too bad I don't have anything getting delivered tomorrow otherwise I'd just hand it to the driver.

Shoes: Steve Madden Annton (The cognac pair are still on pre-order until next month)

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