Sunday, June 13, 2010

Did we really need this new bedroom set?

This morning I again had a 10am appt with someone else who wanted to purchase the 25 pairs of shoes. She showed up and giggled with excitement as she loaded her purchases into the trunk of her car. I said thank you and I hope you enjoy them and went back home.

As soon as I got home ambushed me and said lets go to the furniture store and look at bedroom furniture. I tell him I love my old bedroom set. He's sick of it and he doesn't care that I have grown up with this set and it means alot to me.

So we go to a few and I finally agree to a set. I choose the color I want from a board with 3" squares in a variety of colors. They say they would deliver the bed the same day since they had it in the warehouse and to expect them at 6pm. The rest of the set would arrive next weekend since I special ordered an armoire and had them tweek the dressers and nightstands.

They arrive well after 7pm and as soon as I saw the Headboard I freaked. It was not the color I chose and it was just horrible. It was a reddish, hot pink mess. The staining on the wood was uneven and splotchy and ugly. I tell and he goes it looks the same to me. It just looks different to you because you saw it on a small square sample. I tell him it is definitely not the color and the bed is a piece of crap. The quality is shit. I tell him look at the frame it doesn't even have any cross beams for support! He gets mad and says that the color you chose. I got pissed and say "this is just like the carpet! And what happened, I proved you and the damn builder and everyone wrong!" He says fine what do you want me to do? I tell him tell them that is not what I picked and to take that piece of shit back. After a long argument and my storming off he finally told them the problem. Or like he told them "my wife's problem" I told them the problem and they tried to play me like I was an idiot or just a plain bitch. So this is what happened. They left this one here and on Tuesday they will bring the headboards back in their three darkest colors and I will then tell them which one to leave. They are going to charge us another $40 delivery fee (jerks)but you know what I am going to do? The bed is paid for so I'll keep the damn thing. However weds morning I am going to cancel the rest of the set. We haven't paid for any of it yet, the contract I signed was just for the bed as that was what they were delivering. So they can keep the rest of their shit. I will order the rest of the set elsewhere.

Just look at this mess!

Do you see what I mean??

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