Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My lovely new necklace

My blender went up in smoke last night. We got it as a wedding gift from's grandmother. I have another one I bought when we moved to this house 3 yrs ago but for some reason I really don't like it at all. So I would always use my oldie but goodie. I decided that I would go out and find a replacement for it today.

I went to several places in town and I still didn't come home with one. I guess what it was is that I was looking for an exact replica of the old blender and there isn't one to be found. I will try again later and this time I won't be so picky I guess.

Through out my blender shopping experience I received many and I do mean MANY compliments on my new Farmer's Market necklace. They all asked me where I got it and I happily told them where I found this gorgeous item. So the lady might just get a few customers next weekend thanks to me : )

The hobby shop called me about kid 1's T-Maxx. They had just started the pre-check before the tune up when they discovered one of the servers was malfunctioning. So add an additional $32 for that. I just hope they don't find any other major thing wrong with it as Kid 1 is at $0 dollar status as it is and all this is coming out of my pocket. He will be washing my cars for a long time. hehe.

I am waiting for the UPS man and he should be here shortly as he averages a 2:30-4pm arrival time. I am only receiving 1 of the pairs today as the other two were a pre-order for June 8th. I am still waiting for another pre-order I made a LONG time ago with a ship date of June 9th. I can't wait. I will be going through my shoe room and pull out several pairs of shoes that I don't think I'll ever get around to wearing. Maybe....

Necklace: Farmer's Market find
Dress: Love21
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

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