Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm tired and I'm ready for bed.

Tired, oh so tired.

This morning I almost backed out and didn't go to Disneyland. I got up after 7am and I wasn't sure about not only going on a Sat., but a Sat. during the summer months. I got up, went to Squishy's room and asked if he still wanted to go. He said yes, jumped up and was ready in about 10 minutes. Kid 1 and 2 took a bit longer but they too wanted to go.

We were out the door at 7:40am and we got to the parking structure shortly after 9am. While walking to the trams I spotted an old friend and we rushed to catch up to them. We talked for a bit while waiting for the tram and I was shocked to find out that a mutual friend was several months pregnant. Wow, I had no clue as I haven't seen her since Nov. or so.

We had to go to the ticket booth to re-new our passes and this time I opted for the Deluxe passes so we could go all summer long and most Sat's. Kid 1 wasn't happy when they handed us our new passes without having to take a new photo. They used the pictures from March 2009 and back then he had short hair thanks to his alopecia. He wanted a new photo with his normal hair style. I was too hoping for a new photo as I too wasn't happy with my picture. In March 09 when we took the picture it was really cold and I was wearing a big bulky wool coat. They really should have taken new pictures as the boys look alot older and more mature than those pictures from well over a year. Oh well.

We did have a bit of bad luck as rides were breaking down (temporally) left and right. We never ended up going on Space Mountain. I was thinking about going to that World of Color show, but it was SO crowded that I felt I wouldn't enjoy the show so we just went home.

Now home, and watching the news I see a report of an incident that happened at that Electric Daisy "rave" that my old bff is at today. Scary stuff. I sent her a text asking her if she was okay and she hasn't responded. I re-played the report to scan it to see if I saw her in the background but I couldn't tell in all the madness and it seemed that every female was wearing tutu's. So I guess I'll have to wait until she either responds to my e-mail or when she comes to return my corset.

Okay, I am beyond tired so I am off to bed. Night night.

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