Saturday, June 5, 2010

I did some shopping and also met a customer

I loved the farmers market so much last week that I decided to again make a trip down there today. I am glad I did. This time kid 2 joined me along with squishy. Kid 1 stayed home to mow the lawn and do a few chores to pay off his recent massive hobby shop bill. It's called learning responsibility.

My new Victorian tea party hat.

As soon as we started browsing the market I saw a stand with wonderful Victorian hats. She had dozens of them in a variety of colors. The reason it grabbed my attention is that my cousins bridal shower is tea party themed and we are all asked to wear a hat and they will be giving out special prizes for those of us brave enough to show up wearing one. They were beautiful. Even though I had just recently purchased another hat just for that purpose (and I already owned a hat that could have worked but being that the party is mid June I don't know if I will be wearing black), this hat was just a hundred times better. Best part? She was only asking $5! I quickly snatched one up (and believe me I was in such a stupor that I was tempted to come home with one in every color).

Original hat purchased for Tea party.

Black hat purchased last summer

Next I found a stand selling homemade jewelery and I found a bracelet that wanted to go home with me. I could have made it myself as I have seen the materials at Micheal's, but I paid her $25 for her hard work and to support the local "arts". Plus she was a super friendly woman. I also bought a pretty neutral colored clutch. It also came with a shoulder strap in case I'd prefer to wear it that way instead.

I bought two books and that was it for me, but I did find some Green Bay Packers pot holder/ towel sets that would have loved. They would have been perfect for his football Sundays grill days. However I just bought him his fathers day gift a few days ago and I am still mad at him so I don't think he deserved any more gifts. So I passed on the pot holders.

I was looking for this pink dog tent I saw last week. I decided to go ahead and get it for my little girls but the woman was not there this week. Hopefully shes there next week.

Kid 2 bought a set of 12 skeleton keys pre-1950's for $10. They are really old and a bit rusty but super cool. There are some really strange shaped ones and some normal ones. He is like me, he loves history and he loves owning pieces of it.

Squishy bought a small bag of bouncy balls for a quarter.

We then walked down the other end of the street and visited the thrift and antique stores. At the first thrift store I found the coolest shoes. They fit me and I had to have them. They were missing their laces, but who cares. They were marked $5 but they had a 50% off sale so I got them for $2.50. They were brand spanking new and still had the original price tag of $9.00 from get this, July 1976!! The brand is Pedwin and I believe them to be mens as they are marked size 6. I believe them to be from 1976 because the tag has 7-76 in the top right corner. There is no store name on the sticker. But there is a union label stamped in the shoe. (When I got home I carefully peeled the tag off and stuck it on a binder.Hopefully it'll stay safe. I'll take a pic of it later and add on this post.)

We then went to the antique stores (there are 4 of them all in a row) and didn't really find anything special. While there a woman admired my necklace. I was wearing the bow necklace today. I told her it was mine and that I actually had a few for sale.She said she'd love one and I gave her my phone number and figured she was all talk.

We went to the other two thrift stores and walked out empty handed.

After that we went to Carl's Jr for lunch. We went there because the boys had won free meal coupons at their school carnival. With full belly's we headed home.

Later I received a call from an unknown number. I answered it and was I surprised to find out it was the woman from earlier. I gave her directions and in no time she was at my door. I showed her the bow necklace and I showed her the second icicle necklace. I also told her I had a few more on my etsy. She liked both and she purchased both of them. So now I only have one icicle necklace and one bow necklace left to sell along with the heart and the double chain one. I gave her the sale price and knocked off an extra $5 since I wasn't shipping them to her. I didn't really make anything off those two since the "materials" for those two were more expensive than the materials on the other two. I just wish the ones on etsy would sell so I could end that already.

Anyways, the rest of the day was spent watching movies. We finally subscribed to Netflix and it's kinda cool being able to watch movies instantly on tv via the

Outfit pictures not yet posted

Necklace: Codename Ivy bow necklace
Top: Rampage
Shorts: Spacegirls
Shoes: Gucci Iman t-strap (my FAVORITE walking shoes. I try to wear these any time I know I will be doing alot of walking. I can walk miles in these babies without getting tired feet. The triple strap ones do start hurting after a few hours.)

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