Friday, June 4, 2010

Where are my tamales

My mom in law had said she would be coming over in the morning to bring the boys their gifts. She also said she would be bringing us some tamales. I was super excited about the tamales. I don't know how to make them (as a matter of fact no one on my side of the family does I don't think Spaniards make tamales, I think it's a Mexican thing)and I have been craving them lately.

She finally arrived at around 11:30. I was greatly disappointed when she hands me the bag of tamales and they are the weird ones. The filling was green sliced chile's and cheese. Boo. I wanted the ones with the red sauce and beef or pork. Those are the good ones. Well at least she didn't bring the sweet ones with raisins.

So it was the last day of school for the boys. It was an all day Carnival. They had snow cones, nachos, popcorn and a BBQ. They had dozens of game booths and tons of prizes. The boys said it was a really good time and since the food and snacks were unlimited kid 2 had five snow cones!! I really love this school and I am glad that they were finally able to get into it.

My mom in law left shortly after the boys got home and I couldn't wait for her to leave. She had brought her mom and her brother and they are loud! They were having discussions that sound more like arguments about stupidness. Loud loud loud.

Also I had a few dresses and a jumpsuit I had bought for her (she always asks me to keep an eye out for this or that)for her AZ family reunion in July. So I took her to my shoe room so she could see them and try them on. Her mom followed us in and she goes oh you have a store in your house. And she just starts going through my coats and shoes and goes oh everything you have is too small you need to carry larger sizes. I tell her I am not a store. All of this is for me so it's only in my size. Silly woman still didn't get it. My new item to hunt for my mom in law is a pair of black wedges with a 3" heel maybe 4" in a size 8. So lets see if I find some she might like.

After they left we went to Red Robins for dinner and BACK to the hobby shop for one last thing (fingers crossed). On the way home we stopped off at another Hobby shop that had just opened in a shopping center a few blocks from our house. They browsed around and comparison shopped and then we finally went back home.

We spent the rest of the evening watching movies. Good Times.

Necklace: Talulabelles (for some reason it turned my neck green :( will be changing chain out on it soon)
Top: H&M
Skirt: Saks
Shoes: Gucci Iman

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