Friday, June 11, 2010

Out with the old, in with lots of NEW!!!!!

It is almost the middle of June but yet it feels a bit like fall or winter. It's a cool 65 degrees (actually probably cooler by now)the skies are greyish and the clouds are hiding the evil sun. I am loving it. A few days of hot temps and I am so over them that I welcome these wonderful glorious cool sun free days.

Anyways, I have bought tons of new cheapie shoes from Steve Madden and in the last few weeks. I ran out of room of where to store them (even with all my "stolen" shoes slots being empty). So in order to fit all my new ones I had to re-arrange here and there and I pulled out 25 pairs of shoes (some were new and some are used) that I no longer want or care to keep. I put them up on craigslist as a lot and someones supposed to meet me in the morning for them.

There are still 8 pairs on order so I am still going to have to figure something out to fit those in. Whatever, I'll come to it when I come to it. Four of those pairs will probably be in on Monday or Tuesday. Two pairs of the 5 that were on pre-order should have already shipped out last week but for some reason they haven't. One of those 5 arrived yesterday. Another has a date of 6/22 and the last one a ship date of 7/6.

So I'll be getting lots of packages in the coming days.

Today I took the boys to Chuckies just as promised. I purchased 150 tokens and with their report cards they each got 15 tokens free. Kid 1 took his 15 and left to do his thing. Squishy and Bernie (neighbor kid) left with their 15 each and took off. A few minutes later they come begging for more. So I gave them each 15. It was a repetitive cycle and in less than an hour than had gone through all the tokens. Just them two. 180 tokens between the two! Then they had the nerve to ask me to buy them more. I said nope. Kid 1 never even got any extra tokens after his original 15 from his report card. I had them count up their tickets and they ended up with 574 between the two. They traded them for a bag of cotton candy, a few plastic lizards and a small toy car.

We went to run one last errand for and we went straight home. Not shortly after they were starving again and we just made tuna salad sandwiches.

Bernie was picked up at 5pm and his mom let me know that her oldest had called her to let her know they were having too much fun and that they were going to stay a bit longer at the lake.

At 7pm calls me to tell me that they had been trying to call her to let her know that they were stuck in major traffic. They were due to get back at around 7-7:30 but the freeway was completely stalled and they didn't expect to get home until 9pm or so. I called her and I too got her voice mail so I forwarded the message.

I just finished watching District nine. It's my second time trying to watch it. Last time after 20 or so minutes I turned it off. Kid 1 wanted to watch it so we put it back on. I left the room for about 30 minutes and when I got back I sat to watch the movie. It got better. It's not awesome, but if you could get past the first 30 minutes of Blah blah it's not too bad.

Well I am ready for the weekend and I hope the weather stays this way.


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