Sunday, May 30, 2010

What have I done for the past 5 days (get ready for a long and I mean LONG post) plus a rant.

Friday the boys went to school and Mr.Man was off. He's off until Weds.!! So on Friday we got every thing ready and he loaded his car and in the afternoon he was on his way with Kid 2 to our campsite. I stayed behind because I had committed myself to watch the neighbors kids the following day. However late evening she called me to let me know she'd managed to get the day off after all. My new shoes also came in that afternoon.


Top: Halston
Skirt: Dolce&Gabbana
Shoes: Steve Madden
Necklace: Vintage

Let's see, what was done on Sat. Well kid 1 needed something else for his T-Maxx. I told him the hobby shop wouldn't open until around 11 but being that he thinks he's smarter than me he claimed it opened at 9. Just to prove him wrong at 9:30 we drove all the way into town.

Of course I was right and the shop wasn't going to open until 10:30. I then decided to go shopping. I went to my favorite vintage jewelry store and I didn't leave empty handed. After that we went to the Farmers market. It has been going on for quite some time but this was the very first time I'd gone.

I ended up finding a gorgeous necklace (actually a few) and I just had to have it. I might go back in the coming weeks and snatch up all the others I liked.

After that we went to the Hobby shop and he got what he needed and we headed home. I thought I'd finished my shopping day but I ended up ordering three more pairs of shoes before the day was over.

I had told that I would head out there that afternoon/evening but I changed my mind and I called him to let him know I'd be arriving early morning.


So early at the butt crack of dawn we left to meet up with the rest of the family. It was nice, cool, practically empty and peaceful. Wildlife was seen here and there and Kid 2 was lucky as always at fishing.


Yes, this is people taking over campground space #6.

However as the day progressed it became unbearable. Each campsite has a "patio" area with 2 picnic tables, a grill and a gutting station surrounded by trees and a flat bare area for tents with a cabin like bathroom shower area between every two campsites. What happened is people started arriving and they couldn't find anywhere to set up that they started setting up in the wooded area in our and everyone elses campsite. They even tried setting up in our "patio" area!

There is a small swimming area near the campground side of the lake with the rest set up fr fishing. (The other side of the lake is the side with the larger swimming area and for boats and for wave runners etc.) It is clearly marked as to where the swimming area is with rope and buoys. However when the swimming area got crowded people started swimming in the fishing sides (my kid pointed out that almost everyone was swimming in street clothes!). They kept getting tangled in the fishing line and all the fishers had to re-cast constantly. It was annoying.

Also we had set up a shade and our five chairs near the beach right where the swimming area and fishing area connect so that way I could keep an eye on the swimmers and keep an eye on the cast poles while and kid 2 wandered the lake with their second poles. Anyways, kid 1 and squishy where hungry so I went up to turn on our portable propane grill so we could make some hot dogs. While up there I had a clear view of our shade and poles. I notice two men walk up to the poles and stand directly in front of them looking all around acting suspicious. So I go down and sit at the chair closest to the pole and stare at them. I was just waiting for them to make their move so I could pounce on them. I was already in a foul mood and I guess I just wanted to fight. One of them finally notice me staring at them and he walked over to the other guy and said lets go, I guess were not getting ourselves new poles in Spanish. (excuse my bad Spanish spelling) "no se nos eseron nuestras kanas nuevas"

Yea, there was alot worse (like someone helped themselves to our ice chest of drinks) and it was like everyone in CA was there in that little side of the lake. I couldn't take it anymore and I told I was heading home before I lost it. He too was frustrated and we decided to just pack everything up and just head home. As soon as we took our stuff out of the picnic area it was invaded. We then put our chairs and shade away on the beach and we weren't even done putting the shade away when people had already set up. I am NOT exaggerating at all.

This had been my first time there and with this experience I would never go again. and Kid 2 have been there many time and they swear to me it had never ever been like that. It has always been empty with only a few other fisherman.

When we were leaving we noticed that they had closed the entrance because it was full, however there were cars parked all along the street and lookout area and they were climbing down into the lake. OMG.

I was glad to be home and I will NEVER go back during a holiday. NEVER.

When we went to the fishing tournament in April (different lake) it was a different experiance. Yes there were a lot of people there as well but it was just different. I actually relaxed and had a good time. I still came home tired but it was a good time all in all (and that trip involved the in-laws!)


Dress: Derick Heart
Shoes: Steve Madden
Belt & Necklace: Vintage

We took it easy Monday morning but at around noon we all went out. We had to go back to the hobby shop to drop of Kid 1's truck for a tune-up and to find out why it wasn't starting anymore. While there I bought an early Father's day gift.

Next we went out to get the older two new dress clothes and shoes for their graduation on Thursday. We also got squishy some so he'd be set for my aunt's wedding in July and My cousin's in August.

After that we went to our closest Best Buy because wanted to get a new game.They didn't have it in stock but they found it for us at another one nearby and they put it on hold. I ended up buying a cd.

By then we were starving and we made a pit stop at In-n-Out and stuffed our faces.

We went to the other Best Buy, browsed around and purchased the game. We saw a pet store and we decided to browse that as well. Big mistake. I wanted to come home with three new puppies. It hurt so bad when I had to walk out of there without a single adorable pup.

By now it was 6pm and couldn't wait to get home and play his new game. While he did that I was upstairs watching tv.


Dress: Love21
Shoes: Bakers
Belt & Necklace: Vintage is still off and the boys went back to school. We only went out for lunch and is changing the brakes in his car. Thanks to the birthday present I gave him he is having an easy time accomplishing this task.

I was asked to drive the neighbors kids to their golf lesson and now that everyone is home and that favor has been done I plan to do absolutely nothing for the rest of the day. YAY!!

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