Thursday, May 27, 2010

Not a bit of shopping


So in order to minimize my closet cleanouts I an staying away from stores. I am about ready to break as this just staying at home stuff is getting boring. Yeah, I keep myself entertained with the dogs and the kitten, catching up on old shows that were on my DVR and such but I miss stores!! Unfortunately I have no restraint and if I go in a store I buy what I like.

Anyways, the older two boys were on their 8th grade field trip to Knott's. I really didn't want them to go as I don't like the boys going to amusement parks without me. I am always worring that they get lost, hurt or whatever and I am not nearby.

So when squishy got out of school he and I went to Chuckie's. We were there for quite a while and left when it was time to pick the older two up.

Tunic dress: F21
Leggings: Apt.9
Shoes: Marni

**UPDATE** Title is now a lie as I have just bought a pair of shoes online. Oh no..Bad Ivy.

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