Friday, May 21, 2010

Wow, even more had to go.

This morning I started on a task. A task that has been happening a bit too frequent for my taste. The task? Closet clean out. Yup, AGAIN. Wow it is really getting harder every single time. It must be done so I got to work.

I pulled every single dress and top out of my closet and weeded out. After many many hours I ended up pulling 114 pieces out. I called my neighbor and she took 20 items. Now I am contemplating getting up early and holding a yard sale. Hmmm. I hate putting signs up, so we'll see.

This afternoon I got a text from my old best friend. She is going to something called the Electric Carnival. I had no clue what she was talking about so I googled it. It is like a giant outdoor rave, at least that's what I gathered from my search. Anyways she is going and she is going to wear a tutu and wanted to know if I could lend her a top. I said yes and I let her borrow a black lace corset. It was her first time coming to this house and she got lost trying to find it.

We talked for a while and she gave me a gift (an acrylic paint set) and she went on her way.

So know I am here contemplating whether or not to have the yard sale. Oh, whom I kidding. I have to much to do tomorrow.

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