Thursday, May 6, 2010

My mom never got her cake

My mom was supposed to come for a visit today and take Squishy out for his belated b-day. She was unable to make it over the weekend and decided that since the boys got out early from school today she would take us all out to celebrate his b-day. Now when she said she was coming today I right away realized that she would be coming down here on her own b-day. So I ordered a cake for her to surprise her when she arrived. Well this morning I was on my way to the bakery when I get a call from my mom letting me know that she would not be coming down after all because my sisters all wanted to take her out for lunch and for some shopping. I said that's fine and wished her a happy b-day and that was that.

When the boys got out of school I called my mom and they sang her happy b-day. She apologized to squishy for not coming down and squishy said it was fine. Kid 1 then blurts out "Now you won't get your cake!" My mom asked what he meant by that and I told her how I was planning to surprise her. She felt bad and I told her not to worry as the cake was not going to waste.

The boys were bummed because they had wanted to go back to Chuckies. I was kinda glad because I wasn't feeling well for company as my sickies have a grip on me. After almost two hours of seeing mopey faces I said lets go to Chuckies then. I had told them we would be there for only an hour and that's it. They agreed.

After close to TWO hours I finally dragged all three boys out of that place. I definitely deserve an award or something for being as sick as I am (I spent the entire time at a table resting my head.) staying there for that long.

I expect a kick ass mothers day!!

I'm off to get some cake.

Dress: Catherine Malandrino
Shoes: Bebe

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