Monday, May 17, 2010

A new picture to hang.

This morning I woke up feeling great so I figured it was now or never for cleaning my bathroom. It was all dusty and the mirrors were all streaky so it was well overdue for a clean-up. After I was done with that I proceeded to dust and clean my bedroom. While doing so I got a call from the school district. They were calling me so I could go pick up squishys winning artwork that had been hanging in their offices since last May. They just selected new winners this year so now the artwork was ready to go home. They had it professionally matted and put it in a nice frame for display.

So I went ahead and got dressed and headed out to pick up squishys "Bug". That was the name he gave it. "Bug".

After I had the artwork safe in my trunk I decided to go to the vintage jewelry store. They have so many nice and beautiful things it's hard to narrow it down to a single piece. I did end up buying a few items. I was now ready to head home, purchases in hand.

Good times...

Tomorrow I will be going to get my hair dyed and I might just go and get my nails done as well. I have two parties to attend this weekend, one on Sat (which I am still iffy on if I'll attend since is due to return that day) and the other on Sun. So I want to get a heads up on that. I still need to buy gifts and you know how I get when I have to buy gifts. Fortunately Sun's party host has set up a registry, so that one will be easy.

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