Monday, May 10, 2010

This is one bad sickie

A really bad one. swears he's dragging me to the hospital if I don't get better by tomorrow.

I feel a tad bit better, but I am still having difficulty staying awake for long periods of time. I feel as if an elephant is sitting on my chest, a porcupine is settled in my throat and a woodpecker is in my head.

So I have spent the past four days in a variety of Pj's and socks. The bed hasn't loosened it's grip on me as of yet as while I type this I am having difficulty keeping my eyes open. So I am going to go back to sleep and cross my fingers that when I wake up I am better. I want to go out shopping!!

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  1. I hope you feel better. I know I'm being a debbie downer, but have you been to the doc to see what this is all about? You seem like you get sick easily... I just know a lot of other people who have been like that. Just worrying about you... hehe :)


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