Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm feeling better.

Look ma, I'm dressed!


Well I still have a bad headache and feel a bit nauseous (especially after taking my pills) but I am up and around and the elephant and porcupine have both moved out. So today I am actually wearing real clothes. Yay!!

I guess all of last weeks drama and stress really kicked my immune systems butt. I really try not to stress out about things and I always try to follow the "In one ear, out the other" philosophy, but I just couldn't. So my health took a toll.

I am a sick girl. I know I have made references here and there about my illness but I still don't like saying the word. I found out I had it April 07 and that and 08 were BAD years. I was given a steroid and I ballooned 60 POUNDS in two months and my health didn't improve. I stopped taking it and after a few months I was feeling a lot better and lost half of the extra weight (of which about 30 is still sticking around and refuses to go away). 2009 started off as a good year as I did get sick here and there but not to the excess of these past six months or so.

I am in denial as I have YET to tell anyone other than my kids, and one of my sisters. I DON'T like talking about it, but I felt I should at least in a round about way tell you why I am always getting sick. I am hoping that one day I will be told "Just kidding!" and we all have a good laugh and life goes on without any more sickies. I don't doubt that I end up deleting this post later today full of remorse for even having posted it in the first place.

So anyways, changing the subject now.

I will be going out later this afternoon as our refrigerator is bare as is our pantry. Seems no one else in this family (Hmmhm, Mr.Man) knows their way to a grocery store so it is up to me to do so. So now that my appetite is coming back I need FOOD!!

I am hoping to go out for a huge shopping spree this Sat. Fingers crossed.

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