Thursday, May 20, 2010

No friend for lunch

My friend stood me up. Well not really, they did let me know last night that they wouldn't be coming out here after all. They got stuck taking the mother in law to the Dr. for her check up after her hysterectomy.

Squishy had a field trip to Olevera Street in L.A. as part of their Spanish class but he wasn't feeling well and he begged me to stay home so he wouldn't have to feel sick in the middle of L.A. Being that I am a pushover when squishy gives me his goo goo eyes I agreed.

We were home most of the morning just being a couple of lazies. He started feeling better so after the older two boys got home we headed off to do some shopping. We browsed and we shopped and we ate. I saw so many items that I just wanted to bring home but funds were scarce so I ended up leaving at least 6 items on hold here and there as I decided what would take my money. They have so many beautiful things there it's mind numbing (Dior, Gucci, D&G, YSL, DvF, Barneys and saks.....) and also quite sad when you fall in love with an item but funds don't allow it. Hmmff!!

Oh well. I am now at home and I am really tired. So now it's time to relax.

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