Saturday, July 3, 2010

Magazines make me mad sometimes.

It is really frustrating and maddening sometimes. I am flipping through a fashion magazine and there I see an outfit that looks familiar. I think hmm, I have that. I then remember that it's more like HAD. As just last month or so I dropped that item along with many others off at my Local thrift store. Ugh.


You see something on a spread but then you find their whats hot and whats not section and there they claim an item that they had featured in a spread, in their opinion, is included in the NOT section. WTF?!?

It's reasons like that that I wear what I want and don't really care whether it's in or Not. I don't follow rules (the fashion ones anyways) and I am a rebel and if I feel like wearing a cocktail dress while shopping at Target, then I will do so. hehehe.

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