Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Getting ready

I have several things coming up. I have a wedding to attend this Sat. On the 30th I am taking my neighbors 11 year old to Disneyland. On the 31st I have a quincenera for Mr.mans cousin plus Mr.mans half sister is probably coming that weekend. Then on the 2nd we are going on a two week vacation. Then the last week of August we are off to Vegas. Let's not forget Oceanside on Labor day.

We have bought our new suitcases, gotten our hair done/cut and bought new clothes. We also bought an above ground pool Sunday a few hours after came home. The boys are super tan from swimming these past few days and are almost as dark as their dad now. Tomorrow we are off to DL as the temps have dropped quite a bit.

I have been busy busy busy and I can't wait until it is all over. However, I will have fun through it all.

Sorry my posts have been kind of few and far between lately. As soon as everything calms down I will return to my normal routine.

: )

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